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Essay On Car For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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The car is a transport road vehicle which is used to carry the passengers.C ar is also called an automobile, the word automobile comes from the Greek word auto and the French word for mobile.

The meaning of the word automobile means self-moving, self-moving means that it does not need any horsepower or the other power to move from one place to other.

A car is a thing that gets its power from an engine that is present inside the car itself to work; a car has four wheels that help it run on the road.

A car is an advanced technology in today’s world, and many people from our society depend on it. Every individual wishes to have a car with them.

History Of A Ca

The invention of the car was brought up in the 18 century.T he automobiles were recorded actually as a steam engine that is attached to the wagons in the 18th century.

In 18 century when the steam engine was made, they were very heavy, and it was unable to transport anything as it becomes very slow and hard to control.

To be better and faster for the transport steam cars came into action in the late 19 century.

But later after the 19 century, many cars have been invented which can run and get powered by electricity in the early 20 century.

The working of the car is done by the gas when it explodes in a cylinder it pushes a piston that is attached to turn the wheels. The car engine used diesel or kerosene to work.

Many cars were invented at the early 20 century, and many different patterns of the car have been invented, the first model car was invented by Karl Benz, he invented it by using a four-stroke type of engine to power his Benz.

Karl Benz used to make his car in an automobile factory and sell it in Germany.

Advantages Of A Car 

Many people in today’s world have cars, as cars are easy to transport to go from one place to another and it is easy for walking.

Cars can also carry a large amount of luggage that has to be transported from one place to another.

Cars are the good source of transport as it can run fast by any of the roadways vehicles, it also a very convenient way for traveling.

Like a bike, motorcycles cars are a good safety measure for traveling as in case of a road accident cars have some safety features such as a seatbelt, airbags that can help the driver to get protected from the accident. Cars are a  safety vehicle to protect from the road accident.

Disadvantages Of A Car 

As advantages car also has many disadvantages as while buying a car, we need a lot of money and we see while buying a car that should be of good quality not be old quality.

After buying a car, there are many payments for it such as its fuel, as its maintenance, repairing, Insurance and in many other things that used in cars.

In a prone traffic area, it is very easy to go by bicycle or walking rather than a car. Cars are very useful but also has many disadvantages with it.

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