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There are many different species of animals all over the world. They have different types of color, shades and all the appearance are so much different. Every animal has their unique way of living in the world.

Many different types of animals are found in different countries. Such an animal is a camel, camel is found mostly in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and mostly camel is found in the Asian continent.

Camels are mostly found there where there is a desert area. Camels mostly found in the Northern part of India and it is also called as the ship of the desert. Camels are mostly found in Rajasthan, Bikaner Jodhpur, as these places are full of desert.

About Camel

A camel is a very useful and big animal in size. At dessert, region camel is a very much useful animal.

A camel is a big animal he has a small head and a long neck. Camel has four long legs and has a large stomach. In its large stomach the camel stores a large amount of water.

Camels height is about eight feet and where it is difficult to walk for men and other animals the camel is the fastest animal in the desert region.

Camels can live and travel a lot more distance because of its water stored in its stomach.

It has a hump on its back. Camels foot have attached some pads on it that can help camel to travel a long distance on the hot desert.

These pads are most as like their shoes. Camel can carry a lot of load on its back and travel a long distance carrying it.

They also carry humans on their back and travel lot of distance.

In the desert region when people want to travel far, they sit on a camel and travel a lot of distance.

They can travel thirty to forty miles a day with a load on their back. The people in the desert drink camels milk and also eats their flesh.

Their Habitat  


Group Of Camels walking in liwa desert in Abu Dhabi UAE


As living in the desert region camels mostly eats herbs. They eat branches of trees.

They did not feel thirsty while traveling, but once they feel hungry, they eat everything as fish, skins and also bones that found in the desert area. They even start to eat blankets as well. Camels are mostly gentle and peaceful.

They obey their masters and serve them. They are very much fond of their masters. Arabs people use camel to travel anywhere.

Camels serve the Arab people is coming back from many centuries. These people have their camel to travel.

They also use camels for the war. Camels can live up to 30-40 years. Camels are used to give or post letters in a desert area from one area to other.

Now also camels are used to travel in some of the areas of Rajasthan.

These people also use camels to plow the field or to pull the water from the wells and many more heavy load works they use camel to do it.

Camel Safari  

There is a tradition in the desert area of camel safari. Many people from different countries travel to see the camel safari.

During there fair many areas camels have been brought together and celebrate camel safari by changing the hands.

Camels are the most important animal in the desert region.

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