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Tigers, lions, rhinos, elephants and wild beasts are considered as Big Five in wildlife tourism. But beyond that, traveling from a week to a year with a life of butterflies, it has now become wildlife tourism. A tour of the zoo of this little bird.

Butterflies came to Earth! It is a favorite hobby of childhood that runs behind such delicate butterfly butterflies. A man who does not fill a papa butterfly memories of the early childhood memories.

Species Of Butterfly

More than 1150 species of butterflies have been recorded in our country, naturally diversified. From the Himalayas to the Desert, there are many species of flower parks available everywhere. The highest variety is in Northeast India.

Over 800 species of butterflies were recorded in Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh. Unique Butterfly Tours have also been introduced to these butterflies. Seeing butterflies means that butterflies are growing rapidly. The ‘Butterflies of India’ brand is underlining the growing popularity of more than twenty thousand Members of the Facebook Board. You have to wait a bit to see this strange world of butterflies.

The Vegetation Of Butterfly

It is better to see the whole time of flowering in the whole rainy season. Although there is plenty of flora and fauna everywhere, flowers are very hot due to its availability and nutritious environment, it is not worth it. After the winter, a lot of vegetation is watered, and the number of butterflies has to be sprayed. A blue butterfly is also a good number of summer.


The shade such butterflies, from morning onwards, they have to make basements from heat to water. Paneque species of butterflies are easily visible in about three hours.


There is a life-cycle of the butterfly, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. Each butterfly spends its eggs on one or a few specific plants. The caterpillar that crawls through the egg, stays with the stems of the same plant, grows and converts it into a sauce over time. The butterfly coming out of the salat is a full-blown butterfly. They do not belong to the kids.


They do not eat any solid food because there are no teeth on the butterfly. Due to their full growth as they are born, they do not need food to grow. They absorb only liquid food through their stools. To get the energy to fly butterflies, they absorb delicious honeycomb or rust-blubber juice from the flowers of plenty of sugary flavors.

Many species of butterflies love the floral sweetness. Flowers containing plenty of sweetness attract them. Many species of butterflies can be seen if we wait for some time from the shrubs, But flowers of many species do not like flowers at all. Such butterflies just like the fierce carnivorous fruit, the animals of the animals, and the damp spots. They get the necessary ingredients in those places. Many such butterflies are found in the forest often in such places.


It is the world of freezing of butterflies. In a short time, the creatures openly enchant. You can not even enjoy that youth by going for a trip in their own flea world.

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