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The brain drain is given the term for the people who are actually brilliant, and they are the person who is very talented in their work, and they have the experience  in the particular job they migrate from one country to another country they are known as the brain drain, means they are born in one country, but they never think of developing their own country rather than what they think of making the development of the anther country and hence the people who are very brilliant they all migrate to the place where they get the more package or the earning.

For example the person who has taken the birth in the country India and he is a brilliant person in work than if the abroad company is giving the more package then they go and work for the betterment of that country as they are the developed country and the people of India are very much knowledgeable in their work so the abroad give the offer rather than working for your motherland people are been transferring to another country for their future thinking as there is a small amount provided for the work, so the people run for the more money, and all the knowledge is given to them and our country remain underdeveloped.

Types Of Brain Drain

Geographical Brain Drain

Some of the people go in search of the better payment in the abroad, because there is the unemployment in the country, problem at home and many more of the problem which makes the person move from one state to the next country and this is the fact of the people, so this is called the geographical brain drain.

Some of the factors responsible for the geographical brain drain are as follows:

  • The problem of the family that is the low standard of living.
  • An economic problem such as the unemployment problem in the country.
  • There is no proper package as per the job, so there is the migration.

Organizational Brain Drain

Due to the problem in the organization due to not giving the proper salary or not giving them the proper facility in the job and there are many of such problem in the organization which makes the down name of the organization and the skilled employee migrate from that place.

Some of the factors which are creating the problem of the organizational brain drain

  • There is no promotion for the work in the organization.
  • No fair play
  • Lack of leadership quality.
  • No expansion of the organization.

Industrial Brain Drain

The industrial brain drain occurs due to the lack of the uses of the people and the problem also arises when the employee is transferred.

Some of the factors that are causing the industrial brain drain.

  • The workload in the industry is given a lot.
  • The not proper package according to work.
  • Low expectation of the growth of the industry.
  • Some of the chemicals factories which can cause health hazards.


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