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Essay On Books For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Nowadays everyone is having mobile phones, computers, laptops, the internet, and many other devices, with the help of this device they can find any type of information anywhere and anytime.

But before these since from decades people do not use to have such devices to find information, so at that time they used to read books.

The quote books are our best friends is going on for decades.

Knowledge Of Books   

Books are the treasure house of knowledge as it contains everything. Books help us to find information correctly, and they always give us correct and provide proper knowledge.

Through books we can express our thoughts.’Books are our best friends’ this quote means that books are just like a friend to us that help us in every situation, once a best friend will leave us, but books will never leave us they will guide us like our parents, prevent us from becoming lazy.

By reading books it helps us in the creativity of imagination, it prevents us from damaging our eyes and ears.

Information Through Books  

Before when there were no internet services available people use to get any kind of information through books.

By reading books our reading techniques, literature and language get very much proper.

There are many types of books for reading such as a cultural book, historical books, novels, story books from the past, adventurous books and many other types of books are there to read. By reading books, we get much more ideas about anything.

When technology has not been developed as high, books have helped us in any kind of situation.

Reading different types of books, we get many types of knowledge from them. Any kind of information we need book can help us to find the problem.

The only disadvantage of a book is that when we need information on something we have to find or search it on many books and go through many pages and it will take so much time is the only disadvantages of a book.

By the internet, we can find it by only a quick second, but by books, it takes about so much time to get that meaning.

People who do not have internet services books can provide them any kind of information they want.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Books  

At the 19th Century where there were no mobile phones, or there were no internet people used to search or find the meaning of the word through books, they can get any kind of information.

Many books were present at that time and can give any kind of information about anything we want.

But in the present 21st-century people mostly don’t read books they mostly tendon mobile phones and internet as they consume less time.

Nowadays people do not like to read books that is why the quote books are our best friend has been not valued.

The disadvantage of books is that they consume more time to search and the internet takes less time to get any information in this present world.

Because of this disadvantage, people do not read books. Books are a great source of information to the world.

They guide us through the problems they provide so many information and help us in all kind of works. That is why it is called books are our best friends.

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