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Book fair is a pair of books in which all the types of books are being put together for the people to purchase it or to see it.

All the types of books such as a novel, story books, informational books, adventurous books, and many other books are being placed together for the people to visit it and see them and to purchase them.

Many people like to attend the book fair as they can be able to get knowledge and to get what types of books are present and what type of knowledge they give.

From the past, there are many book fairs that have been held in many countries for people to know the importance of books.

In a book fair, there are different-different stalls has been placed on different types of books and people can go through all the stalls and let know what type of books are present there. There is also a book fair held in India.

Kolkata Book Fair In India

The book fair in India is the first book fair in the Kolkata, and the book fair that held in Kolkata is the Asia largest book fair, and many people have attended it.

This fair has been held for not to the distribution of the books but to know the people about the knowledge that get from the books.

After the London book fair that has been happened this Kolkata book fair is the second largest book fair in the world. This book fair there are many stores of books that have been held over 2 million people have taken part and joined this book fair, and it has got a great number of attendance.

The plan of this book fair has been started in the past in the 1980’s the people were planning to give the knowledge of the books as though this book fair and from then this book fair is also running in present world in Kolkata.

And every year this fair has been held in the ground in Kolkata. Over 2 million people give their attendance to this book fair every year.

Every year the book fair in Kolkata lasts for about 12 to 13 days, and everyday people give more amount of attention in this book fair. First in the past when the plan of this book fair was started, it was made in a very small place but as it kept growing this book fair has been grown bigger, and it has become Asia’s largest book fair.

Book Fair In Other Regions In India

After the success of this Kolkata book, fair India also held many book fair in Delhi, Maharashtra states. And at this time many book fair being held in the small cities so by this many people would get the knowledge from the books by purchasing it and to get to know each other types of books are present and to read it and to get knowledge from them also.

People should attend a book fair if it is nearby so by this they come to know different types of books and they can collect knowledge from all types of books.

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