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Essay On Book For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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In our life there are many of the friends we meet, but there comes the time when our friends live us or we go far away due to some of the reasons such as for the study, changing of the colleges and the schools.

But there is one of our hidden friend who never lives our hands whenever we go or whenever we are alone it is there with us and that is the books. We can say that books are the best friend of humans.

There are lots of qualities which are been given by the books to the humans that are the knowledge, expand our vision and many more.

Books Bring Out In Best In Us

Books provide an abundance of the knowledge which brings best in us and books bring best in us like the best friend. Making the habit of reading the books will take you to the wiser part of your life, as there are many types of the books which take our mind to the imaginative world and then there is the lots of the creativity comes in our mind.

Due to the reading of the books, there is the confidence built and we can tackle many of the situations in the life have we are been aware of many of the things due to the regular studies of the books. Books are the only friends who support us in all the situation and wants to see us do in a better way with all the hearts.

Books Always Remain With Our Side

If there is the daily habit of reading books than the person will never feel bored and lonely because the books will remain by the person side. It is the same as being the best friend. Books never leave us with the while if we love books then there are the same feelings which are been given by the books.

There are many of the time comes in our life where there will be only the books which will be with us:

If we are been getting bored or feeling alone then we should take the book and start reading.

If we are been traveling alone anywhere then we should grab one of the books and start reading then we will never feel like we are alone.

If we don’t have any of the friends to talk then we should read the books and talk with it. This will reduce loneliness.


Books are the only friend who will always guide you in the right direction during any of the problems we are facing regarding the information, creativity and they are the excellence in seeking the advice. There are various types of books which are the motivational books which guide us in the right direction.

Some of the books are been written by the people who are been highly skilled and educated and who have seen life in a deep manner. So there will be advice given by the books during the tough situation in life.

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