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Essay on Book Fair For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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There are so many people who loves to read books and their hobby is to read books without fail and even there are people who go to sleep once they start reading the book. In this world there are different kinds of people but the books are one of the best things which you can imagine all get knowledge from it.

Book Fair for School

What is a book fair? Well a book fair is nothing but a place where you get different kind of books from which you can get the knowledge. If we talk about the school book fair it is always make sure that the students are getting the books which are giving them knowledge and information so always make sure that whenever you visit to any book fair of a school you buy some or the other book for your kid.

Because the books which you buy from there are always informative for the kids. And in this book fairs of school there are also books related to games but it is also make sure that while playing that games children should learn something new or something unique out of it. So by this books for your kid and give them a new way of learning.

College Book Fair

What will be the difference between a school and college book fair? There will be the similar things which we will get in the school but with a different version of the books but the concept of book fair will be the same.

But in colleges students who cannot afford books which are very costly we get this books in this book fair at a very cheap rate because the books are the second hand books. So always make sure that whenever you visit to a college book fair you can donate your books over there so that a person who is in need of that book will get it.

 Book Donation

As we have seen there are several kind of donation firms. In these firms there is also a book donation firm where you will donate the books which are no longer needed for you. In olden days when a book was not needed the people used to throw it or send it to the person who buys the best from your house but now as the people are understanding the value of knowledge they are donating their books to the book fair or some kind of NGOs which can donate their books to the appropriate student.

In this way the student gets the book on a very cheap rate and he or she saves a very good amount from it so that it could be utilised in future.

Knowledge of Books

Now if we talk about the first handbook and the second hand book well what is the difference between both of them. There is nothing difference them the knowledge is similar, the words are similar only the thing is that in the second hand books are gone through one person to another.

And the first copy of that book is the newly published one there will be slight difference like if there were some spelling mistakes or few concepts were wrong in the second addition of that book everything will be reprinted.

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