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When the blood gets collected, tested and stored for the transfusion for the need of another person is called Blood donation also said as Blood banking.

In many of the countries, blood donors receive money whereas in some of the places donors donate the blood in the name of charity. The blood donation is safe, but sometimes many of the donors feel like faint.

14th June of every year is celebrated as world Donar day. People choose a date to donate the blood.

Test Before Donation

If one is donating blood, their several tests are getting conducted like Hepatitis B HBsAg, Human Immuno Deficiency Virus HIV 1 and HIV 2, Serologic test for syphilis, HCV and HBV along with the NAT(Nucleic Acid Amplification) and also the weight and other test get conduct for the donor.

Blood Donation A Significant Contribution

The person who donates blood receives enormous respect from society as they had helped for the survival of others. A donor can generate the same amount of blood within some week which they donate. If an adult gives blood, it does not create any harmful effect on them.

The Need For Donation

The donor, as well as the receivers blood group, should be same otherwise blood transplant cannot be made.

Sometimes there is a patient who met with an accident and got hospitalized if initially none of the relatives came of the patient the donor’s blood which is stored in the hospital can help in the survival of the patient.

The donor who has an O group of blood are universal donor means if there is someone who has A+ group and needs blood than the group O can donate them. In the same way, AB is also said as a universal donor.

Many pregnant ladies suffer due to lack of blood at that time the donated blood can save her as well as her child life.

Merits Of Donation

Blood donation is very beneficial for a healthy person. The body of a donor generate blood with the new cell, and that is very good as these process purifies them internally and make them beautiful.

It increases the lifespan of the donor as well as of the receiver. As we donate blood and saves someone’s life, it gives us a different satisfaction in life.

Blood Donation Camp

In many of the colleges, offices, club, park, we find the donation camp.

There are many of the blood banks which are in shortage of the blood for the receiver, so they collect the blood from these camp and use in their banks.

Many of the camps give money to the donor for donating blood.


One gets proud of themselves if they donate blood. It makes them realize that they have done such a high duty for society. To save someone life with major or minor injuries, one has to donate blood. As by giving we receive the vast blessing which works for our lifetime.

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