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Essay On Birthday For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Every person’s birthday comes only once a year. We celebrate our birthday every year. Birthday, what is the meaning of a birthday? Birthday is a special day when we are born.

Everyone has their different birthdates, but some also have the same dates. Our birthday is very much special for us.

We celebrate our birthdays since from our childhood  Birthday is a day when our parents, friends and everyone who are very close to us do as per our wish.

They complete all our wishes on that day as they want us to keep happy and every moment that we want to enjoy.

At every moment of that day, they take care of us to keep happy the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday is a very precious day for each one of us. Everyone celebrates their birthday by their way; some like to enjoy their birthday with their family by going out for dinner or lunch, while some of them celebrate their birthday enjoying with friends going out and doing parties and all. Some of them on their birthday celebration does a great job.

They visit some of the old age homes or orphanages and spend their time with them. They celebrate their birthday with them.

They also try to spread happiness to the people who cannot get such happiness in their life. Spreading time with those people gets much happiness in their life.

By spending time and happiness with them, they give us blessings, and their blessings are very useful for us in our future.

Things We Do On Birthday

On their birthday some of the people get up early in the morning, and they visit the temple to seek blessings from God. By taking blessings from God, it is very much helpful for them in their future.

After seeking a blessing from God, we should also take blessings from our parents their blessings for us is also a great help in the future.

On our birthday we feel special as things are happening according to us, we enjoy every moment of our birthday and like to be happy all through the day as it’s our birthday.

It is a very much great feeling for us. On our birthday we arrange parties for our friends.

Many relatives, siblings come to our home for a birthday celebration. Our parents arrange a great party they bring lots of sweets and at last, we cut a cake and celebrate our birthday.

 Birthday Party

Many people come to our birthday party. We celebrate our birthday party. Happily, we distribute sweets, cake too many people present there.

While many people and friends come to our birthday they bring gifts for us we get a lot of gifts on our birthday. After the birthday party is over, we are very eager to know what are there for our gifts.

We rush to open the gifts and see many different things in our gifts by getting so many gifts we feel so much happier than ever.

At last, we pass on that day very much happy and enjoying, and it’s a precious day for us throughout the year.

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