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Every once in a year our birthday comes, we celebrate our birthday every year. Everyone celebrates their birthday in their way. Birthday is a special day for each one of us.

Our friends and relatives with us on that day. Some of them celebrate their birthday by organizing a grand birthday party. Some of them celebrate their birthday with their family and friends.

While some of them try to spread happiness to other people, so they celebrate their birthday by visiting old age homes or orphanage to celebrate their birthday.

Preparation For Birthday Celebration

Some people celebrate their child birthday with a grand celebration. They can celebrate their birthday in the way they wanted to celebrate.

On this day they can ask anything to their parents, as their parents do whatever they can do for their children on this special occasion of their child birthday. On this special occasion, parents like to arrange a grand celebration party for their child.

For the celebration of the birthday, parents make some beautiful invitation cards to invite many relatives and friends of the child to the party. For arranging a party, our parents help us in all the way to arrange the party.

For a birthday celebration, we need cake, balloons, snacks and many colorful stickers to decorate our house. On our birthday we need our house to be decorated as we want.

Birthday Celebration

Our parents give time to relatives and friends to arrive, at that time they arrived and the birthday celebration started. At the given time many people have arrived at the birthday celebration, they had brought many gifts for the birthday child.

The delivery boy has delivered the cake and the birthday has been started. The cake is decorated with the name of the child, and it is also decorated with many flowers and many cherries on it.

The birthday child cut down the cake, and all the people started to sing a happy birthday song for him. The child and his parents and all the people are enjoying the party.

Many people went to the child to give him gifts and to wish him a happy birthday. There are a lot of gifts given to the child. Parent started to distribute sweets and snacks to the people and relatives present there.

After the snacks have been eaten the child parents have arranged some games for his friends such as passing the ball, musical chair and many more games has been arranged for their friends to enjoy the party.

After Party


After the party is over and games were played parents begin to give some return gifts to the friends of the child.

All the people enjoyed the grand birthday party, and many people started to leave the party, and they give some well wish to the child for his future.

After the relatives and friends were gone, the child was eager to open the gifts as there were many gifts and the child was full of gifts.

The child was very happy with the birthday celebration he got by his parents, and he was very happy throughout the day.

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