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There are many different types of creatures in this world that exist. There are different types of a creature such as birds, animals, insects and many other creatures exist in our world.

All of these creatures have some beauty on their own. Birds are the creatures that can fly high up in the sky. Birds usually walk little, and they fly more.

For flying only the birds and insects can fly high up in the sky. They have their skill of flying up in the sky.

Birds when they are born no one teaches them to fly, birds usually develop the skill of flying by themselves with their skill.

Birds-Beauty Oo Nature

Birds are the beauty of nature. They are many different types of species of birds that are existing in our today’s world.

Some of the different types of species of birds are like sparrow, parrot, pigeon, crow, etc. these birds usually found in our India.

These different species of bird have a beautiful structure and different shades of color in them.

These different species of birds have different, different shades, size color, etc. in them, an all species are mostly different from other. From all the species of the bird, the bird peacock is a very beautiful bird.

Peacock is the national bird of India. Birds usually fly high up in the sky in search of their food. They build their nest on ta ree or in many of the houses tops.

Birds fly miles of distance in search of food as they want to feed their babies and their stomach.

Every new day begins they fly from their nest and return to their nest as the day comes to an end with some food for themselves.

Their Freedom

Birds like to fly, but nowadays people want to keep birds in their home as their pet. Many people catch the birds and keep them in the cage. By keeping birds in the cage, it affects their flyness, and they do not get any kind of freedom they want.

They usually feel so much suffocated to stay in the cage. Even if we provide them some food and water time to time still they like to fly as flying in the open world is their freedom and not to leave in the cage.

Some Birds which has the opportunity to fly high in the sky are afraid of the people living in society as because people try to hurt them or even tried to kill them by hunting.

Due to this hunting and catching of birds, we have taken away their freedom of flying.

Birds are also very useful to nature as because whenever there is a natural change in the climate, the birds get to know first. Birds usually fly in a group.

By their intentions, birds try to tell people what is going to happen in nature. But still, for our entertainment, we catch them which is a very big crime for ourselves.

Killing animals is a very big crime in our society. Birds are a beauty of nature in the world, and they should not be destroyed or kept in the cage as they also want to leave their freedom freely.

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