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Biodiversity is the variety of animals and plants found on this planet including the geographic locations they are found in.

The diversity of species is not evenly distributed throughout planet because life depends on many factors including geography.

For example, tropical regions support life than polar regions. Plants, animals, and climate work together to maintain the balance of nature.T hey act like nuts, bolts, and oil of a perfectly tuned machine.

Biodiversity is important of sustaining life on earth because it prevents anyone species from throwing the balance of nature out of order.

Biodiversity means maintaining the balance of nature so that no one thing can become too powerful and therefore bad for everyone else.

Evolution And History Of Biodiversity

The biodiversity has come from the result of 3.5 billion years of evolution. The origin of this diversity has been not found by the science, but it gives some of the evidence to prove that the biodiversity was 3.5 billion years ago. Some evidence states that lives have come more after, before the evolution of the earth.

The first biodiversity was almost about 600 million years ago is the microorganisms and bacteria that came to be found.

After that, the diversity starts to grow very faster. Before diversity was very worst in condition as many of the rainforests get destroyed because of this, there was no existence of the diversity.

It took about 30 million years to get recovered from this destroyer rainforest and to get a proper diversity.

There are many fossils found that suggest that there are many greatest biodiversity before a million years ago.

The Balance Of The Ecosystem

Balancing of the ecosystem is the benefits to humanity. Many of the natural species are the main factors for the balancing of this ecosystem. The biodiversity has a great impact on the balancing of the ecosystem.

Many different species of plants and animals came into the existence that helps the ecosystem to be balanced.

Many of the new species get regularly discovered. Many of the different types of insects species have been discovered in the world every year, and many of the species that have come into existence and not yet been also discovered some of them are discovered but not yet classified.

Many of arthropods are not yet classified almost about 90 percent of the species.

Land area has more species than the water. Almost about 8.7 Millon of the species are discovered in our world, and only 2.7 million of the species are living in the water.

For developing the human culture, biodiversity has helped in for developing from all its ways and for the return the human culture has also played a major role in supporting the diversity and to continue shaping the biological level of nature and species.

The human culture sees diversity as a reservoir of resources, and they use these resources to produce food materials, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products.

It has become the first resource of the daily life of humans. It has also become the new conflict of rules and divisions.

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