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Bihu is the state festival of Assam. Assam is the small state in northeast India. The festival mainly celebrated in the three sets throughout the year. According to the Hindu calendar, the three sets come under the month of Baisakhi, Kartik, and Magh.

Primary Occupation Of People

As the primary occupation of Assamese is agriculture, so the activities and celebration are based on their occupation. As there are three sets of the festival, Assamese celebrates it thrice in the form of Bohag Bihu, Kartik  Bihu, and Magh Bihu.

At the time of seed padding, Bohag Bihu celebrated. Bohag Bihu ends with the Bohag farewell.  When the sapling transformation is completed, they celebrate the Kati Bihu and Finally when the time of crops harvesting comes  Magh Bihu is celebrated.

How it Named

In ancient times generally, the word was Bishu instead of Bihu. Bishu means to ask for good wealth, peace and prosperity from their tribal god Father Shibari. From another source, Bi means to ask, and the means to give.

Tenure and Duration

According to the Assamese calendar, Bohag is the first month of the calendar, so they also celebrate  New Year. Now the Kati Bihu celebration times comes. Kati  Bihu celebration is continuous for seven days.


On the very first day of Kati Bihu cows are worshipped, on the second-day people of Assam wear new clothes and pray for a healthy and smooth year ahead and same carry on furthermore days celebration.

Among all the celebration Kartik Bihu is the quietest of all. The reason for this quietness is because at this time farmers are busy in padding only earthen lamps lighted as a sign of celebration.

Rituals And Culture

The full enjoyment times comes at Magh Bihu. Magh Bihu is also known as Bhogali Bihu. Bhogali means to eat so here the people of Assam on this day prepare Laru which is made up of coconut and rice and Pitha and also their favorite food, Sweets at home and exchange with everyone. People sing their cultural song knowns as Bihu Geet. They also dance with the entire community.

Some place of Assam, Animals fights programme is arranged which mainly include Buffalo fight. But nowadays the government of Assam has banned these of the entertainment programme.

Exchange Of Gifts

The next day is celebrated by greeting and meeting up with the relatives also they exchange gifts among themselves by this they convey prosperity and love message.

Bihu festival gives a different and unique identity to the people of Assam. Also, the intention of the Assamese by celebrating this festival is to spread happiness all around.

The people of Assam teach us the moral values of equality and morality. They show us the love, dedication which they have for their work. They show us respect for others.

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