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Bihar is situated in India. It is situated in the eastern and as well as the northern part of our India.

The name Bihar is taken from the Sanskrit word known as Vihari. Bihar is an Indian state which is the 13th largest state of our India.

In Bihar there is more population because of this population it comes in the third largest state in our country in population.

Bihar state is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to the west of the state, Nepal to the north of the state, it has the Jharkhand to the south part of it, and the northern part of the West Bengal is to the eastern part of the Bihar.

The river Ganga flows between the state of Bihar that split the state.

History Of Bihar

History of Bihar State comes from the northern and eastern part of India, and its history is one of the various tales in India.

The history of Bihar is as it has three distinct regions as Magadh, Mithila, and Bojhpur and these regions have their unique history and culture. Many of the archaeological records are found in the banks of the river Ganga.

The three regions of the state Bihar comes from the ancient times, and it is also the script in the Vedic period. The part of Magadh is the power center of India for many years.

The Gupta dynasty is known for ruling from the ancient times in Bihar. State Bihar gets its name after the independence of India and its come into existence.

The Developed State of Bihar

Bihar is the state where there has a diverse climate. The average temperature of the state is 27-degree Celsius, and in summer it goes up to 34 degrees Celsius, and in winter it goes down to 10 degrees Celsius 50-degree Fahrenheit.

The river Ganga divides the Bihar into two unequal halves and flows through the middle from west to east. This central part of Bihar has some small hills for example such as the Rajgir hills.

Jharkhand which is separated from Bihar in the year 2000 has the Chhota Nagpur plateau which first belonged to the south of Bihar.

Bihar has many forest areas, and it is a great geographical region. Bihar is also famous for politics which is the main thing in India.

The Bihar state forms the most number of a political party in the legislative assembly of the government.

The Culture Of Bihar

The mostly official language of India Hindi is being spoken in Bihar and this also the official language of the state.

And other languages being spoken such as Bhojpuri, the magazine spoke in the state. Bihar is also famous for paintings there are many several traditional types of pictures are practice in Bihar. Bihar is the state from where many famous musicians are born.

In cinema, Bihar has the Bhojpuri language film industry. There are also many centers, universities present in Bihar state.

By this all things, Bihar is getting developed day by day, and it is a great thing for our country India.

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