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In school days we all find this kind of problem which is created by our teachers, they tell us to write an essay on any topic which you can figure out but as a student, we don’t understand which the best topic to write an essay is.   

Topics for School

Now essay topics are very much similar to the real-life example, we can just imagine some incidents and write an essay on it in school days. It is very tough to understand but later on, when we look at it, it was the easiest thing to do in the whole school time. Finding a simple topic and writing an essay but different kinds of stories were the easiest thing which we could do in the school times but as a student, it was the toughest thing to do.

Most of the students don’t even understand that essay writing is one of the easiest things in their whole examination, they can write anything about any topic because it should just consider that the topic is given in the examination is mentioned in the essay. For example, if the question is to write an essay on the rainy season you can write anything which should consider the rain.

For example, you can write that you were coming from school and suddenly the rain got started, your friends were there and you had a great time with them, this is a simple way to write an essay from your real-life experience, it is just and simple and easy to complete an essay without any problems.

Topics For the Competition of Essay 

Now there are several competitions for essays in our locality and schools students are invited to write different-different kinds of essays and the judges read all those essays and choose the perfect essay out of those.

Well, it is a very good way to explore your knowledge because when you see people writing essays on a topic that is given to them suddenly and you are one of them who have to compete with your fellow friends you get a great experience of writing essays.

In this kind of competition, people get very complicated but easy to understand topics. The topics are mostly related to the current affairs and to write on this kind of problem the students have to be very much familiar with the current issues going on in the country, this could help them out to write a very beautiful and informative essay.

Essay Books

In the olden days, it was very tough to write essays, the students used to keep their books of essay to give it to their younger brothers and sisters so that they do not have to suffer.

You find the topic of essays which they have already done but nowadays, students get different-different kinds of essay books in the book stores and they have very simple English language to understand.

So to get a good amount of information we always should read more and more books.

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