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According to the student, there is one of the other best teachers in his life. Even if a student does not love to study he or she has the best teacher who they love to see.

First Day of School

This day comes in every children’s life when they have to leave their parents and start going to school. Well, this is a very big moment of their life when they have to start a new journey. When they enter the school the first thing they do is cry there are only a few chances of students that they don’t cry.

Well, there are only a few students who don’t cry on the first day of school but even after getting into the school they are very much afraid of the new environment. This is the time when they meet their first teacher in their life who will be there for them in the school.

Part of The Life of a Teacher

If we talk about a teacher in the school college or anywhere they have to always maintain discipline in their behavior. You will never see any teacher misbehaving to anyone you will never find her in any fight with anyone.

This is a way of a teacher when they always are in the perfect mode of life. Because the teacher is there for a student and if the teacher does a mistake on the students will be following her.  This is a very important reason behind the discipline of the teacher even in the school or out of the school.

Punctuality of A Teacher

We as a student have so many reasons to be late in schools and colleges but have a thing ever about the teachers. Well after completing their education they are here to teach us or in a sense if we can say share their knowledge with us.

They also have millions of excuses to be late but they never use that excuse. They always be on time without even watching the clock and the students always be late. The students must learn everything from the teachers because they are the perfect example of a confident life.

Learning from the teacher is the best thing because if we even do any kind of mistake they can always guide us with their best experience. After becoming adult we should never forget our teachers who worked so hard on us for our betterment of life.

Favorite Teacher

Every student has a favorite teacher in school or college. In the entire school or college, you love to sit in a particular teacher’s class. It could be any reason like you love the way the teacher teaches you or the behavior of the teacher towards you is very much respected.

Every teacher is different and every teacher’s teaching is also different. We all have some or the other person to look behind us in the future but in childhood, there is only a teacher who understands a student very well.

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Updated: February 22, 2020 — 9:37 am

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