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Best friend means that one friend who is very close to us and as a companion to us. We have a lot of friends, and we enjoy with them, but we share our secrets and all our things to only one of our friend who is very close to us, and he is our best friend.

We share our secrets with them because we have trust in them that they will not spread our secrets to anyone and they keep our secrets with them only.

He is a friend who helps us in every situation of our lives he guide us like our parents and even we take care of us in every situation.

Firstly everyone’s best friends are their parents they always give us proper guidance, and they always want their children should be a good person in their life and other than our parents the one friend who does this all things for us is our best friend. We always feel and trust our best friend.

A Best Friend


‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ this proverb prove that a friend who helps the other friend in any kind of situation and these are the only friends that are best friends of everyone.

Everyone has a best friend who loves, cares and help us in every difficult situation; we enjoy with our best friend whenever we are sad without telling them they can identify our problems and also does everything to make us happy.

Everyone has a best friend, but those who do not have their best friends their books are the things that can become the best friends as the proverb ‘books are our best friend’ it is true they give us correct knowledge about the situation and all the things as a best friend do to us.

Books always help in everything their knowledge is useful in every instance of our life as like our best friend helps us in every situation in our life they help in every problem of our life guide us through all our lives.

Family Best Friends

Some people have family best friends as their families are also the best friend of their ancestors as their grandparents are best friends, their parents and also their children are their best friend. And because of the strong relationships in their family they participate in every function and occasional in each others family as their family function.

They go for tours and can enjoy with one another and whenever one family got some problems, and they are sad the other family tries to make them happy and support them. Any problems they share as they have feelings with them within each other and by sharing their thoughts they also feel relaxed.

When there is any sudden problem in the family, the best friends are the people who come first rather than the relatives of the family the best friends help in every sudden problem of the family.

So that is why if a person is having everything but not the best friend they cannot enjoy their life and a person who has a best friend they can share their every problem of their life and can get out of any situation through the help of their best friends.

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