Benefits of Yoga

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Benefits Of Yoga

Around 6000 years ago yoga was practiced in ancient arts that are originated in India.

Yoga is a perfect and healthy habit if it is practiced daily in life. Yoga helps us to live a fit and healthy life. Earlier around 6000 years ago when yoga was originated people used to do yoga and meditation to live their life healthier.

Doing yoga daily in life is a good practice for anyone to be fit and healthy. Yoga has been practiced in life to keep our body, mind, and soul balanced and healthy.

Yoga was practiced mostly by the Yogi’s earlier. And this tradition is continuing from ages to ages.

Different Positions Of Yoga

Yoga has many positions, although there are 15 positions doing yoga.

First position is bridge position that is Bandha Sarvangasana, the second position is downward dog that is Adho mukha svanasana,third position is Child pose that is Balasana,fourth position is Easy pose that is Sukhasana,fifth position is Warrior-1 that is virabhadrasana-1,sixth position is Warrior-2 that is virabhadrasana-2,seventh position is Triangle that is Trikonasana,eighth position is Four limbed staff that is Chaturthi,ninth position is Chair that is Utkatasana, tenth position is Tree that is Vrksasana, eleventh position is Boat that is Navasana,twelfth position is Crow that is Balasana, thirteenth position is Arm balance that is Pincha Mayurasana, the fourteenth position is King dancer that is Natrajasana, and the last position is Corpse that is Savasana. These are the fifteenth positions of doing Yoga.

Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Doing yoga daily is very beneficial for health and body. Doing yoga daily our body relax and when we try these different types of positions of yoga, our body becomes very healthy and fit.

While doing yoga we should meditate, by doing meditation, our body feels stressless, and our mind is free without any tension.

Nowadays people try yoga daily to be fit and healthy as it helps them to live their whole day peacefully.

Buy doing yoga daily our internal organs become free from any disease; their respiratory tract becomes clean as they inhale fresh air while doing yoga.

Our Indian government and organizations have taken a great responsibility by organizing a yoga day on 21 June all over India. On this day many places in India yoga have been practiced.

Many people who do not get time on other days to do yoga they take the initiative and practice yoga on this national yoga day.

On this yoga day people who do not know the positions of yoga they practice and go to take part and exercise all the posts of yoga.

By doing yoga, many internal organ problems could be solved any problems of heart, kidney and many internal organs problem can be explained by doing yoga.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone and at any age. Yoga can be exercised at any time but mostly the suitable time for doing yoga is in the morning where we get fresh air.

So we should do yoga daily to be fit and healthy throughout the day and life.

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