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Beauty is the thing which is in the eye of a person through which he can see the beauty in the things. Beauty is the thought of a person in which he or she can see beauty in the things surrounded him.

Beauty is not the same for all the persons some people find beauty in some things and some people find beauty in other things, so there is much difference in the beauty in the eye of the people.

Beauty In Things

When a person get satisfied by beauty or him to get pleasure by the thing he assumes it as a beauty but with the same thing another person is not satisfied or didn’t get pleasure he did not assume it as a beauty, and it differs in the eye of the of the person in which through he looks beauty. As it is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

People find beauty in some small things, and also they find beauty in some large things such as people find beauty in the small things of nature such as a flower, but it can differ between one another as one person likes it and other person doesn’t like it.

Our nature has given us many beautiful things to enjoy us as beauty, and we should enjoy it there are many beautiful things that are present in our nature which is beautiful to see for everyone, and we should not differ this thing.

Not only in nature but some people find beauty in some other things such as people finds beauty in the physical attraction of the people.

And this beauty of physical attraction has been growing widely among many people as people mostly see beauty in other people and they get attracted to them.

For example of this physical attraction, beauty is that a student with good looks gets more marks than the student with average looks by the teachers.

And this all things in today’s world has created a major problem of the discrimination between the people. Many people find beauty in art paintings and all the crafty things. It’s all on about people in which things they like beauty.

The Beauty Of Nature

Nature is the most beautiful thing that has been gifted to the people but the people in today’s world are not respecting it and letting its beauty to get down.

Because of the beauty differences in the eye of many people, there are many problems that have been created in present world such as only good looking people are allowed to participate in all the fashionable things, and they are respected more.

Many discrimination problems are being done by people. It has done a major effect on society. People’s nature of seeing to the world should be changed and they should be able to see only the beautiful things that are present in the world and not the fake artificial things that are placed beautifully but there is no beauty in them, and people should know about it.

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Updated: February 13, 2019 — 8:40 am

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