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Nature is a thing in which all the things not created by humans. All the natural things that are happening such as weather, landforms and many other things are not made by humans are part of nature.

Things that are made by nature all called as natural, and the things that are made by man are called as man-made, ie, artificial things.

All the things that are beautiful to see and that are not man-made are the nature of beauty that has been given to us by nature and as it can say that it is a gift to us by nature.

Nature has given the most beautiful things, and we should enjoy it without disturbing the ecological balance.

Nature of Earth

From all the planets on earth is the only planet which has the existence of living creatures living in it. Nature provides many things for us which are used and beneficial for us such water for drinking, air to breathe, land for a living, food to eat and many things that are provided by nature to us.

As we can say that nature is a gift that has presented us by God and we should not harm it. They are also many beautiful animals and plants that exist in nature.

From the existence of the natural earth, there are many beautiful things which are also present in the today’s world such as the mountains, water, and many beautiful things that are also present from the past. The morning sun and the night moon and the evenings are the beautiful things in our nature.

This beauty of our nature keeps us live our lives in a healthy atmosphere. There are many climate changing seasons that are also the beauty of nature.

When the climate changes and because of this the color of the sky changes, and it becomes beautiful, and also the environment changes all these things are beautiful to see and enjoy. Nature has the power to treat a person when he is under a disease he can get easily cured because of the beautiful things and climate in nature.

Today’s Nature

Things that nature has provided us and also been providing us are used to a great extent and as a never-ending resource in the present world.

The people in the present world use these natural resources but also with using this resource the people are misusing it and destroying it only for their use not thinking about the harmful effects of nature.

All the beautiful things such as lands in which we are living that have been given by nature to us people are using it very badly, and instead of keeping it clean the people are keeping it very badly and harming the environment and also their livings.

In these present world people are only living their personal life, and there is always running of people and because of this many pollutions has been created by the people, and because of this pollution the beauty of nature is harming, and people are undoubtedly harming it. As said nature is a gift from God and we should enjoy it and try to avoid harming it.

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Updated: February 13, 2019 — 8:30 am

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