Beauty Life In The Eyes Of The Beholder

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Isn’t It True Tate The Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder 

It may be from the centuries before the BC or in every modernizing society nowadays, peoples, by their physical appearance are judged by others. Before wedding with the men or any other bachelors judged by the looks of the women in the job interview by their beauty women appraised which are a few evidence that we are indeed living.

In all works of life, it is not surprising to witness mankind women especially from each work of life which is desperately trying all the possibility to achieve the perfect beauty.

Regarding The Beauty

The women’s are not the one who is beautiful, good looking but their men also who have the beauty, good looking, smart and handsome, however, here we are talking about the facts that are beauty is anything which looks in the good person’s eyes, a person only become good.

The person with good quality is not enough for the person to have it but it should also have a good nature. It is once told by the wise man that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, to which I have a question that isn’t beauty is to be defined as the physical appearance solely.

Especially beauty is defined as a characteristic which provides the experience which is perpetual of pleasure as well as happiness.

Some of the notions were ignored by the majorities and also dismissed as naïve thoughts. In the relentless chase, people put themselves for pursuing the perfect beauty. In an instance case, some of the people go for the plastic surgery for beauty, it is only done for beauty so that it can be acquired by them.

Even some of the people are willing to themselves under the knife, also some of the people are in order to attain the rosy cheek, high bridged nose, or the voluptuous body to which many people desire to have or achieve it. There is a number of increasing youngsters who are adult one partaking this practice.

In countries such as the US and Korea especially was triggered by the boom which is happening in the countries. If the surgery does not work than it is possible to be adverse effects on the person.

Although to fulfill once desire person chooses to the plastic surgery for reconstructing our facial features, also there is no one here to give the complete guarantee about the surgery to be a success, even doctor also are not sure about this plastic surgery.

But some people have such type off thinking so that they can look good or beautiful. Also for the physical appearance, some perceive beauty. As beauty depends on the individual, how we all see that beauty is subjective.


It is said “judge nothing by the appearance” by the William Downey. We can say that more beauty invites more fatal.

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