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Essay On Basketball For students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Basketball is a game which is usually played by the five players in between two teams. Basketball is a sport which is played by a ball which is round and that rolls and bounces.

For playing the basketball game, there is a rule which is that the players have to throw the ball under the hoop which is placed at one end high on board.

For playing the basketball, game players have to show some of their skills such as they should be doing the Ball dribbling, shooting, running and jumping as fast as possible.

History Of Basketball

Basketball is an Indoor Game which is invented by an education teacher at Springfield College in Massachusetts. It was invented by James Naismith in December 1891.

James Naismith invented this sport for the students as his students are getting bored during the winters.

Basketball is played under rectangular Court. Basketball was first played with the football, and it was unpredictable to get the bounce from the football, so the basketball is invented. Basketball is orange in color with some of the black strips on it.

Rules And Equipment

Basketball is the game played between the two teams where both the teams play hard to get more points against each other by shooting the ball in the basket.

There are altogether 12 players in a team, and five players play, and seven players sit on the bench.

Basketball teams get the points as one two or three points each they can get points by shooting the ball into opponent’s basket. The team which has the most points, at last, wins the match.

The basketball court where the match is played is rectangular and there are both side and lines, and at the end of the lines, there is a goal which is called as a hoop and is in the shape of circle basket with the bottom cut out.

In the game of basketball, there are many things which are required such as a basketball, a basket court, basket hoop, and a backboard.

There are four quarters in a game they are of 10 minutes or 20 minutes. In a basketball game, there is a rule that its score counts two points or when a player hoops the ball behind the large line on the court they called it 3rd point means it is worth as three points.

Basketball Terms


In a basketball game, there are many terms such as the draft pick it says that the player which is selected to play can be played for 1 or 30 teams in NBA another term is a free throw there is a free throw in Basketball it is thrown from the end of the line.

There are many fouls rule in a Basketball game such as of personal fouls or technical foul, technical foul formulated on certain basketball rules.

The personal foul is committed by a player when the player is any contact with the other team player it is decided by the umpire.

There are two umpires in a basketball match, or there are many referees that make the rules of the match, there is also a timekeeper and scorekeeper in the match they help to run the match properly without any difficulty.

Basketball is a game which is played in many High School and it’s basketball League NBA is very popular over the world.

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