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Bangalore city is a part of India. Bangalore is the capital of state Karnataka. Bangalore city is officially known as Bengaluru.

With the population according to India Bangalore is the third most populated city in India almost about 10 million people leave in Bangalore.

It is located in the southern part of India near the Deccan Plateau. Bangalore city is highest and major city compared to all the major cities of India. Bangalore city is a metropolitan city.

It is a well-developed city where there is home to many research centers, big companies, and talented peoples.

History Of Bangalore

Bangalore is ruled by the southern part of India. Bangalore was first discovered as mud fort and ruled by the Marathas for almost 50 years in the year 1638.

After 50 years of Ruling by the Maratha, it is captured by Mughals and Mughal sold this city to Mysore dynasty.

Before the capital of Karnataka in 1947 when we got independence Bangalore to become the capital of Mysore.

Karnataka was discovered in 1956 from then onwards Bangalore become the capital of Karnataka. At first, the Bangalore city is referred to as Bengaluru, but in 2006 it came to know as Bangalore.

It took almost 50 years to Bangalore to get its name from Bengaluru. From the past Bangalore has developed itself into a major city.

About Bangalore City

The Bangalore city is also referred to as Silicon Valley as there are many technical institutes, IT technology companies are present.

In Bangalore there are many institutes of different fields such as fashion technology, designing technology institute, national law university and medical institute, health institute companies and many more institute of technology are there in Bangalore.

It is a nation-leading city in technology, and there are many Indian technology organizations and researchers institute such as ISRO, Infosys, Wipro.

Many national laboratories are situated in Bangalore. Bangalore city is also home to the film industry. Many of the Kannada films have been shot in Bangalore city.

Bollywood also shoots many of their film scenes in this Bangalore Bangalore city is also a garden city, as there are many beautiful gardens, parks in this city.

Modern Bangalore

Bangalore city is a very well known city in India many people from different countries or many people from different states of Indian try to get the job in Bangalore as it is the most technical and metropolitan city in India.

Bangalore city is very hardworking and electric spirit city in India as compared to the other cities many employees and talented people come here to get their job. Bangalore city is very much high in economic conditions.

Many software engineers, IT engineers work very hard and show their talents to get any job in Bangalore, many talented peoples come here to learn from the institutes as it has many, very big and popular institutes in Bangalore.

Bangalore has a Silicon Valley present in it many talented engineers come here to seek their job in this Silicon Valley as it is the world’s most biggest Institute all over the world that is present in Bangalore.

Bangalore city is a very talented city in India, and it’s so proud for India to have a developed city like Bangalore.

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