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This is a very important festival for India in this festival the Indian farmers get the result of their hard work and dedication. This is the golden period of their life which they can’t even express to anyone.

Who Started The Baisakhi Festival?

This question of who started the Baisakhi festival might be a very unique question and also only a few people know that. The festival Baisakhi was started by Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh was one of the courts prayed by the Sikhism.

Guru Gobind Singh started this festival for the farmers of India. He wanted that each farmer should get the right of his hard work. This is the only way for the farmers to understand the time to get the output of their hard work.

Who was Guru Govind Singh?

Hey, one of the famous cast in India Sikhism. In Sikhism, there were 10 gurus who showed the sick people the right path of life. The whole Sikhism is dependent upon the information which is given by the 10 gurus. 

The Sikhism caste follows this rule is very well. Guru Govind Singh was the 10th guru of the Sikhs and caste. He was the last guru for the Sikhism. 

After him, on me, the knowledge was the guru of the Sikhism cast. Guru Gobind Singh was a great king he was one of those kings who fought against the moguls for the independence of India.

Payback Time For The Farmers

As we all know India is full of farmers. The farmers are the ones who work very hard throughout the year just for one single thing which is their farm. We can’t even imagine the hard work and the dedication which is required to grow the crops in the form.

Well, it is not an easy job to do only the experience people can do this difficult job and grow the props for others. In the month of Baisakhi, the farmers cut down the crops and sell them to the market. The best happy festival comes mostly in the month of April. 

This is the time when the farmers get paid for their hard work. And these crops which the farmers are selling to us will be stored for the entire year. This is the reason why farmers’ work is defined as the toughest work in India.

Technology in Farming

In the olden days, technology was not so developed for the farmers. But today as we can see the technology has grown so much that even the farmers get the benefit of it. Farmers are the most important part of our country.

So we need something better for their farms and even for their lifestyle. Which could help them out for growing more crops on their farm and on a better amount for their life? Today we have grown in technology so much that we can now even work for other fields too.

As we know that farmers are the backbone of our country so we should make sure that the technology which is making our life easier also help the farmer.

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Updated: February 21, 2020 — 11:32 am

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