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Hi! I am a book that was written by J.K. Rowling; you know the famous author who created the acclaimed Harry Potter series and becomes a billionaire.

My name is Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, I am a fascinating book about wizards and witch, magic and spells, and of course he who thrust not be named. After J. K. Rowling wrote to me, I was sent to Bloomsbury publishers. Editors there read me, loved me, and I was submitted for publication.

After they made millions of copies of me, I was shipped to bookshops around the world. I was a hardcover edition with a glistening cover and beautiful illustrations. There I stood on the shelves, gleaning under the spotlight waiting, for book lovers to come and buy me.

When I Was Sold

One day, a vulgar, boisterous boy visited a bookshop and that, my friends was the end of my pager with dirty, gummy fingers and rippers a few of my pages. I was horrified at her callous attitude. The shopkeeper forced the boy’s mother to buy me because no one would now buy a torn book.

As soon as I got to my new home, I was put aside carelessly. To my honor, a toddler crawled towards me, attracted by the red, shiny cover. Worse still, she was holding a sipping cup, half full of orange juice.

First, she ditched me with wet fingers, and then she drooled all over me. To make matters worse, they spilled some liquid on me, making me all wet and soggy. She even tried to chew a corner of my cover tells her mother rescued me.

To my relief, I was left alone for some time until someone roller skated over me. Wiz! Ouch! I whimpered it was that wretched boy again who zigzagged around me without a care in the world.

At bedtime, he decides to read me while eating a chocolate cake. Now I was done for. He read a few pages and used his fat, pudgy finger to wipe chocolate cream off my sheets. He got bored after reading just a few pages and flung me across the room. To my utter dismay, I landed in the laundry basket overflowing with his dirty, smelly clothes.

Next morning, the maid carried me off to somewhere. I couldn’t see anything because the clothes smothered me. She tipped the whole basket over, and I was whirled and got tumbled about for an eternity.

When the boy’s mother saw my tattered remains, she fished me out of soapy water and threw me aside in disgust. A crow sat on me and well I never smelt the same again.


And now I end my sad little story with a request. Remember, friends book are mains best friends. You gain knowledge and learn about different cultures by reading books.

You can visit and travel to far off places through books without leaving your home. Reading books helps you to communicate better and never develop ideas, to take good care of us. Surely we deserve it.

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