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Art is usually mean to be simple arts where one judge the work of a person to make it aesthetics. Arts include all the endeavor were it indulge every kind of work with the craft.

Art is not something different, and Arts need to be not innovative to make it good. Art is in every form from Singing to Dancing, From playing Sports to Cooking Food.

There is no innovative in any form because the aesthetics have no different. I believed in the idea that art helps to lower the communication barriers.

Art is the idea of a person to make the world beautiful with aesthetics. Art is the medicine of patience to survive and be healthy for more creativity.

Art plays a serious role between the subconscious of the mind and the body. Cultural play a crucial role in the country where every country has different art, and all the art is beautiful in every sense.

India was there are much art and culture. Indian arts consist of many different monuments out of that is  “ TAJ MAHAL” is also considered as one of the wonders of the seven wonder.


Aesthetics is the tree of philosophy was it ask a question about the nature and beauty of the art. Art is the form of recreation of something that already exists. Plato refers to this as imitating work when he says, ”Human makers envisage the human community according to the idea of justice, the good, courage, temperance, and the beautiful.”

All the beautiful work in this world is created by the artist or by the god — the beauty of nature which blew away the mind of a human.

Human creation is a beautiful gift by the god. Arts and aesthetics is the flavor of life; they are the taste of existence. We are very lucky that we are the witness of this beautiful art were we can see the maestros of all time. What is created could not be copied or remake the art.

Art is the language which connects the god and artist through the creation. God spoke to mankind through art.

I believed if you let go your emotions and inspiration will guide you to work on the beautiful piece of work. This will make your piece of work as the art original, as it would have come from the soul of your heart.

Which will lead you to make such a morbid and dark artwork?  Everyone has sometimes has created art in any other form because everyone has a special ability to form the art.

Aesthetics which helps the human to create there own philosophy were they get the ideas for creating new art and shock the human.

Some great human being has made the art so beautiful that their name is registered in a book of the history where there are remembered as the creator of art and which are never tried to copy. Arts which help the government of the country to describe at the international level to make them proud.

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