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 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform a task that normally required human Intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognization, decision making and transmission between languages.

Such as a computer system program has emotions and ability to think and learn from others and its mistakes. It is said as the field of the study and design of intelligent agent where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes action that maximizes chances of success.

Artificial intelligence is a program for making intelligent machines and software. There are many programming languages to develop this artificial intelligence such as they are pythons, C++, Java is the languages used in artificial intelligence.

Basic Concepts Of Artificial Intelligence

Basic concepts of this artificial intelligence they are psychology, philosophy, mathematics and linguistics they are making a big role and management of artificial intelligence. And also with these, there are the four different views of artificial intelligence they are thinking humanly, acting humanly, thinking rationally and acting rationally.

Thinking humanly means we can make a system which can think like a human been making efforts like a system trash information like a human being can do.

Similarly, for acting human,y we want to develop a system which can act on the basis of the information Processing which will act like a human being on the availability of information which has been processed by the system.

Many tests have been done to prove that a machine can act like a human being as a machine has availability to make almost 30% chance of making a fool a person for 5 minutes as it can act like a human being.

Thinking rationally means we want to develop a system which can think sensibly which can think wisely means which ca ben thing on the basis of available facts on the basis of available logic, logic is developed by the fact that we want to develop a system which can think rationally.

Acting rationally is to prove the fact that we want to develop a system which can act by available facts available beliefs by combining all these things we have a good artificial intelligence which can think like humans, act like humans and by this we have got a good AI process.

Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

A machine is a thing which tries to solve the problem which is usually done by humans, many big known business tycoons are investing their money in AI. AI is a very broad area rather than trying to build an intelligence the system is built and can grow intelligence on its own.

This created the discipline in the Artificial Intelligence such as machine learning as machine provides to learn based on huge amount of data by finding rules and patterns and makes analyses and predictions machines once built will be able to evolve and adapt to new data that when they are exposed.

Many big automobile industries are using this artificial intelligence in their products so by this they could be able to make a good product by this, artificial intelligence is used nowadays in all these things as well.

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