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Our country is a wonderful and unique nation in the world filled with art and culture. The culture and art, civilization and conduct of this country are all successful and helpful in making this feature high. 

The culture and art of our country are one of the world’s ancient cultures and art. Let talk more about art and culture.

Foreigners Are Very Much Attracted To Indian Art And Culture 

Foreigners attacked our country only after being fascinated by the art culture of our country. It has been a specialty of the art of our country that we have adopted our tradition and supported innovation. 

In this way, our arts itself testify to the fact that our rulers and national leaders have also been supportive of their culture and civilization. To see the amazing beauty of our art and culture every year many foreigners come and get impressed.

Variety of Art And Culture


The magnificent buildings of Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal of Agra, Hindola Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Ujjain, Panchmarhi, Ajanta Ellora cave sculptures and the famous fort of Mandu, etc are located in the various parts of India are the best examples of our Indian art.

Not only this, but the artworks of temples scattered in every corner of our country are also good examples of our Indian art.


There are dance, music, drama, literature, exhibition, sports spectacles, etc. which come under Indian art. Out of these, the influence of Indian dance art is going to affect Indian art in a big way.


Under the Indian dance art, various styles of Tandava dance have developed today and not only attract foreigners, but also hold their very important place in the field of dance art.

Kathak dance, Bharata Natyam, Manipur dance, Bhangra dance, Ghumar Garwanatha, Nautanki, etc. are the special categories of Indian dance art which gives us the opportunity to be proud and self-respecting about our country. 


Dance and drama have an integral relationship. Today, the arts of drama have developed in our country, which is rare elsewhere. Dance has a wonderful contribution in making the play important. 

Through the Natya dance, our artists sing the high and immortal anthem of our country’s ancient civilization and culture.

Unity of Diversity in Culture And Art

The civilization and culture of our country were no less than the world’s oldest countries like Greece, Egypt, and Rome. But it is unfortunate that all these countries have lost their civilization and culture today due to their subordination, whereas the civilization and culture of our country remains a center of attraction even after repeated foreign invasions. 

Why so? This is because there is no culture and art as much as it is based on unity in our culture and diversity.


Art and culture also play an important role in the development of any country. It shares approach, values, customs, etc. All economic, social and other activities involve culture and creativity. A country of diversities, India is known for its various cultures.

In short, we can say that Indian art, be it dance, painting, sculpture, etc., any art of life, all of them are unique and wonderful. As a result, it has been attracting the world.

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