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Humanity has become addicted to the process of development. Therefore, when we all grow up, we want the things around us also develop. And the computer has come to our closest to satisfy our curiosity for continuous improvement in everything we do. They have taken such a place in our lives that without them life is almost unimaginable.

Use At HomeĀ 

Many people claim that “they use the computer every day at home and office – even online and offline. They also play games and also record music. As far as earning money is concerned, we have a job Apply for, receive job offers, work, and receive payments – all without meeting their employer. ”


Every aspect of our daily life is related to somehow computer – hospital, educational institution, office, and home. Subrata Biswas, the country’s manager of Logitech India and SAARC, says, “Today, we can see our colleagues, family, and friends from all over the world and stay in touch with them with a webcam and a webcam.

Whether you are researching a new drug or playing the newest PlayStation game, you can not escape the magic of computer. They play a major role in globalization by bringing far-flung nations closer. Without the computer, we would reach that era when you had to wait for weeks to come from another state. ”

Vital Information

“With information available on one click of the mouse, life without a computer is like the life of the Stone Age, as Isaac Asimov says,” I am not afraid of computers. I am afraid of their lack. ” It is really true, computers have become a new form of communication, they are the means of expanding the economy while developing the technology.

Some Negative Impact

But using PCs also has some negative effects. One of the major bad effects is the radiation emitted from the monitor of the PC. Along with this, when we spend as much time on the computer then there is a serious back pain which is due to the lack of regular movement of the organs. Websites with horror games and pornographic content also affect our children. Hacking and accessing and using personal information in e-mail accounts and personal computers is also increasing.

The most obvious physical effect is the risk of RSI (repetitive stress injury), but they can be resolved using a user-friendly device. The radiation from the computer screen can be blocked by a special screen monitor shield. However, spending too much time in front of a computer reduces the amount of time spent on other outdoor activities and social activities, which are important for a healthy lifestyle.

How To Reduce The Bad Effects Of Using A Computer?

Keep the computer monitor and keyboard directly in front of you so that your neck cannot be rotated.

The monitor should be 20-24 inches away from the eyes and the height of the monitor should be 5-15 inches below the horizontal line of sight.

The mouse and keyboard should be at the same height.

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