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Apples are considered to be the best of all fruits in terms of health. Delicious, sour flavored apples are considered to be a healthy fruit.

The phrase ‘Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away’ explains the importance of the apple. In India, Apple is mainly grown in the cold and hilly regions of Kashmir &Kullu-Manali.

Apple fruit is found in oval or pear shape, it is usually in red and green color. Eat apple fruit along with its peel to get maximum health benefits.

Medicinal Benefits

Apples have much good nutritional value. It contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, minerals and “A”, “B” and “C” vitamins. Sweet sour taste Apples when ripe, their acidity decreases with sweetness.

It contains high levels of malic acid and is useful for the metabolism of the body. Also, pectin is an important medicinal ingredient in it. In some diseases, the body produces many toxins.

Gallacturonic acid is needed to remove these harmful toxins out of the body and reduce the severity of the poisoning. Since it is in the apple pie, eating apples is important for health.

Never Peel And Eat The Apple

Many people do not like apple peel. So they remove the apple peel and eat the fruit, but in this way, the nutritional value of the peeled apple decreases.

Ayurveda & Science

According to Ayurveda & science, for healing many diseases apples are used. Apples are blood purifier, gall bladder, airtight and laborious.

Due to its delicious, sweet and its nutritious properties, diseases like diarrhea, indigestion, chronic fever, anorexia, anemia, headaches, asthma, forgetfulness, liver, kidney stones, and apnoea are prevented.

Apple Seeds Are Poisonous

Apple seeds contain a plant compound known as amygdalin which can release cyanide, a powerful poison when it comes into contact with digestive enzymes. One or two will not be harmful, as the body can handle small doses of cyanide, but if you or a child chews and swallows a lot of seeds, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Regular eating benefits regular eating of apples will help tooth decay and also cleanses teeth, and vitamin ‘C’ keep the teeth and gums in good health. Gums are strengthened with apple intake.

Apples are a great fruit for nerves and brain growth. Give your children’s one apple daily for physical and mental growth.

Eating apple daily reduces joints, knee jerk disorders. Apples contain high amounts of potassium and phosphorus, People who get enough potassium from food usually do not have heart attacks. How to consume apply daily

There are many varieties of apples available in the market, as well as several different ways of consuming them.

People usually eat them raw. Keep a bowl of washed apples on the dining table, and consume one on your way to school or work or slice some apple onto your lunch or dinner salad along with your meal.

We can make apple jam, and let your children eat it daily, make an apply cake which is very delicious. Apple’s smoothies and juices are also great ideas to intake it daily.


Eat apples daily to stay fit and healthy.

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