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Corruption has been spared all over the world. Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 81st place out of 180 countries. The largest contributors to corruption are entitlement programs and social spending schemes enacted by the Indian government.

Corruption in India is a problem that has serious implications for protecting the rule of law and ensuring access to justice. What do you need to know?

History reveals that it was present even in the Mauryan period. It was even in or Chhatrapati Shivaji & Mughal period and many more years ago too. Indirect conversation towards giving, accepting, offering, receiving is illegal.
What does ‘Anti-Corruption’ means?

It is designed to eradicate or prevent dishonest or Froud conduct, especially in a political context.
It is an act of corruption will be if any person requests, receives, accepts, gives, else offers any kind of improper advantage about a position, office or assignment.

An advantage can take many forms, e.g., offering or receiving cash, personal benefits or other services.
Now, corruption has found in the government when instead of thinking about the interests of the citizens the members of the government are chiefly interested in promoting their selfish interests.

It is also found in public and private organizations and everyone starting from the clerk to higher positioner of a company is coin a way or the other.

Our country ‘INDIA’ where Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri have taken birth and led a value-based is facing the problem of corruption. Some people like clerks, peons, cleaner take small bribes from the people who visit the office so that their work is finished early or for the other meeting and they don’t have to wait in the queue/ not to waste their own time for anything. Indirect bribes are also accepted in Temples where devotee offering bribes are given priority over others to visit the temple,

Pandit people ask for donations for the temple, Pooja, etc.

Bikers/ car or truck drivers also offer a bribe to traffic police if they found not following traffic rules.

Sometimes traffic police/ police also demand bribe even if there is no mistake just to complete their targets.

Another example, to get votes from people, politicians offer/ distribute bribes to ‘’Samanya Janata’’.

Parents also offer bribes in schools and colleges to get their child admitted. If nobody does pay for the work or so, it is sure that work won’t be done.
There is no such institution, temple, organization…. rather not a single place which is not corrupt in a way or the other or nobody can be considered free from corruption even from higher-ranking officers. It is like cancer in public life, which has not become so rampant and perpetuated overnight, but in the course of time.

But the question arises is that can an anti-corruption movement be started? If yes, shall it be successful? The answer is depending on the adaption of anti-corruption measures by both the government and the citizens. It is essential for we all to stop taking a bribe and to stop offering a bribe in any form. This is the foundation on which the success of any anti-corruption measures will depend.

For example, Mr. Anna Hazare against the existing system of government. He believed the Lokpal Bill should be pass in both the houses of the parliament as a result of which all the ministers and the members of the parliament would become answerable before the law. The movement also supported by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and was successful initially because it introduced among the citizens about awareness of the necessity to pass the Lokpal bill this movement went unsuccessful in the later stages when the Lokpal bill failed to pass.

Corruption is a disease which all the citizens should try to fight by hook or by crook. It is only because of some of the corrupt politicians that today India is burdened with enormous leans from the developed countries. It has been an estimate that if the money deposited in the Swiss Bank of Switzerland by the Indian politicians return to India, not only will India be free from all the loans but the rising prices of different commodities would immediately shoot down.

Due to unlimited powers, no action against them even on complaints and sufficient proof of abuse of office atrocities. Governance must help at least to check corruption to give punishment to corrupts putting steps in a correct situation.

For the ministers’ level, Prime Minister to provide facilities to provide which we ‘Aam Janata’ has it. Why ministers get per month Rs. 15,000/- mobile allowance if the company provides Rs. 350/- monthly unlimited calling including STD + 20GB 4G data, food plate for them in Rs. 15/- approx if they can afford good, why travel allowances if they have good payment, why house rent if they have own, why govt. Cars if they can travel like us?

We all paying tax for our county not to fill their pockets. On the top, they forget their promises which they had made during elections. Sarfarosh is the movie where bribes have shown in every step. Even a tipper who gives tips to policemen also takes a bribe. Policemen too offer a bribe to tipper just to get information and policemen to give bribe to save our country. Here we can see, either one way or other, for tips as well.

Effects Of Corruption

In India corruption leads to promotion not custodial. It is very difficult to cash big sharks. Below are the causes of corruption.

Complex laws and procedures alienate common people to ask any government assistance.

Corruption is caused as well as the increase due to the change in the value system and ethical qualities of men who administrator.

Highly educated people don’t get govt. Job but using political power or so and illiterate people who don’t even understand the position gets high salary jobs, etc.

What Will Be The Solution?

It is not only the responsibility of the government but our too. Corruption may get eliminated if unity and our joint efforts are there. We all should have high principles to follow that so we may be models for the coming generation. That will be our highest achievement as a human being.

In the movies shown that PM (Amrish Puri) has been changed and Anil Kapoor becomes PM for one day. Secondly, in Gangajal movie, we have seen how politicians take advantage of using power, thirdly how Singham and his team fight against the politician who has misusing power, etc.

At the end how an actor founds a solution to teach a lesson to corrupt people and how the public supports him. Same way it should happen. It sounds funny and dangerous too, but we all need to do it with planning. Also, People should be allowed to re-elect the candidate they voted for it he/ she fails to fulfill the promises that he/ she made while contesting the election.

ü Laws should be foolproof so that no discretion to politicians. The role of the politician should be minimized.
ü People should not offer or receives the bribe. Even small designated people who need money due to less salary, cannot afford necessary things even for their kids; they must be loyal to self and for others. All good things will come to them

All citizens, police, and others should raise noise towards anti-corruption and take necessary steps if found any.

Responsiveness, accountability, and transparency are must for a clean system.

Courts should be open to the prompt and inexpensive justice so that cases don’t stay in courts for years and justice is delivered on time.

Important thing especially for political people, they should have to think about our country and do their honest work.

All politicals must give a declaration of property and be honest.


Corruption is a global problem that all countries of the world are facing, solutions, however, can only be done at home. Corruption is an intractable problem.

It is like diabetes and can only be controlled by not eliminated. It may not be possible to completely eradicate corruption at all levels but may contain within tolerable limits.

Honest and dedicated persons on public life, control over electoral expenses could be the most important recipe for fighting corruption. It has a corrosive effect on our economy. We have tolerated corruption for so long and the time has come to eradicate its roots.

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