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People have many of the desire in their life, that every people have sided they what to become doctor, scientist, socialist and many of the dreams. As I can say that when the child starts to talk, he has something in his mind we can say that is his dream. In this world, every rich and poor has some of the desire to achieve in his life.

But at the same time, there is the judgment of our dream and the ambition, and there are no limits or the boundary for dreaming. We dream at night at day and whenever we think about our life.

The purpose is the different thing because when we come to our maturity level, we start thinking about some field that we can do and get success. That is ambition.


Everyone should have the aim in their life because life is not easy. For the survival there is the need for the money and also the respect, there is the hard work of the people who have been succeeding in their life with their ambition.

Achieving our aim will lead to the success and the betterment of life, there should be comprehensive planning of the objective in life. If there is the proper planning then there will be hard work, this hard work will only take us to the path of the success in our ambition.

There is the saying of the people life is short and sweet, but that’s true that life is short but the sweetness we have to make it by making our parents feel proud, and also we should be proud of Ourself, ambition becomes more critical to acquire their power in the life.


While choosing our ambition or if we have the inborn talent that can make our life then there is the inspiration to each person. Dancers and the singers have been inspired by some of the famous personality who has achieved his ambition in the career of dance same for the singing.

Not only they but every people have been inspired by some of the other people who have achieved success in life. If we have the ambition to become a great businessman, then some people are inspired by the Ambani who is a successful Businessman. And if the goal is to become a scientist, then the inspiration is APJ ABDUL KALAM who was the Indian scientist.


Our ambition or aim will be achieved when there will be hard work for it and hence till the age limit there are the changes in the aspiration of the people. But once the aim has been set in the future, then we should start pursuing it.

We should adequately plan the aim because there is some or the other defect in everyone so, we should sufficiently think first that we can do it or not. There are some who never focus on the career and then blame the luck. So ambition should be adequately planned and then start to achieve it.

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