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A great person a great scientist and a great visionary he was so much great that we can’t even explain about it. Till today we are using is given a gift in our science just because of him today we have grown in science and technology so much.

Childhood of Albert Einstein

The childhood of Mr Albert Einstein was not like the similar kids we remember on those days.  Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany. His father was a very common man who used to work at an electrical shop.

Her mother was a housewife but she was an educated, woman. Mr. Albert Einstein was not a very good student in the school. The school management decided that Mr. Albert Einstein is not capable to study in the school so they gave him the leaving certificate and send him back to the home.

The day he came back her mother was having a letter from the school. Mr. Albert asked her mother what is written in the letter. The mother lies about the letter saying that your school is giving you an opportunity to study from home. Your IQ level is so high that the school management cannot tolerate education in you.

Higher Education

For higher education, Albert Einstein went to Switzerland and once his education was completed he returned to Germany. After his education he decided to go to the United States of America he went over there in 1933.

Mr. Albert Einstein became a permanent resident of the United States of America in 1940. Over there he started his research to words the world. But then too he faced so many problems to just become different from the others.

Famous Theory of Albert Einstein

Most of us know the famous theory of Mr. Albert Einstein which was E=mc2. This was one of his famous theories of all time. He gave this knowledge to the whole world so that each and every person can understand science in the way he understands it.

Even today his formulas are used in science and even with the scientist to solve their problem. He is the godfather of science because without his different way of thinking we couldn’t get so many beautiful and logic table formulas.

He also created so many theorems that are used for mathematics and science. Till today we are using them in our daily routine and we don’t even know about it. We don’t have that great scientist with us right now but his knowledge is still with us showing us the path of success.

Books on Mr. Albert Einstein

If we talk about books on Mr. Albert Einstein we can fill a whole library on his name. There are so many books about Mr. Albert Einstein that week and not even read all that box in the month. It is even hard to keep all the data in a single library you will be needing more than 2 to 3 libraries to keep all those books.

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