Essay On Air Pollution For Students & Children In Simple English

Air pollution is become a serious threat to the world, due to which there are many of the people who have been suffering from the air pollution problem, this pollution is caused by vehicles, household gases, industry, factories, and many more gases are mixed with the air due to which the air gets polluted very badly, and this causes problem to the humans only.

Causes Of Air pollution


The Burning Of Fossil Fuels

Due to the burning of the fuels such as the coal, petroleum and the other emission from the factories and the industry which then mixes with the air and the vehicles also emits the pollution such as the jeep, cars, trains which work in the fuels which emits the carbon monoxide which are very dangerous to the health of the people and also for the environment.

Agriculture Activities

Due to the agriculture sector, there also emit many of the pollutions to the air because the ammonia which consists in the agriculture sector makes the air to get polluted because it is the gas which is directly emitted to the air.

Emission From The Factory And Industry

The factories and the industry emits much of the dangerous gases in the air such as the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and many of the other chemicals, when the production is done in the factory or in the industry than the gases are directly emitted to the air this causes the air pollution.

Extraction Operation

While the process of the mining there is a lot of the noise pollution and the dust and the chemicals are spread throughout the air which causes the mixing in the air which causes the air pollution due to mining and the extraction process.

Effects Of Air pollution

Air Pollution

Heart Problems

There cause many of the diseases due to air pollution, and people who have a cardiac problem suffer a lot due to air pollution. Due to air pollution, many of the respiratory problems is the attack like cancer, and asthma is also caused.

Global Warming

Air pollution is directly causing the problem to the environment, because the because due to the increase in the temperature worldwide, increase in the sea level, ice melt are some of the effects which are showing the effect of the global warming.

Acid Rain

Due to the harmful gas which are been emitted from the factories are been evaporate in which there are the nitrogen factor, sulfur oxide which is released and this form the acid rain and this affect the marbles monument that is taj mahal than we have to think that how the humans will be affected by the acid rain.

Effect On wildlife

As humans are getting many of the health problem and animals are also affected because of the toxic substances in the air and this effect the more to the animals because humans can prefer medicines, but the animals don’t have any of the medicine which causes the death of the animals very bad manner.

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