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Essay On Air Pollution For Class 4 Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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The number of water and air pollution in the country is increasing. Air pollution is most dangerous in this. Vehicles are responsible for a large number of vehicles with these air pollution. The number of vehicles in the country has increased tremendously.

Data Of Metropolitan Cities

In Mumbai alone, more than 500 new vehicles are added daily. It should know the intensity of air pollution from these vehicles. Delhi has more air pollution compared to other metros. The prevalence of premature death due to this air pollution is higher in Delhi.

Increasing Diseases

According to a survey conducted by an organization, pollution will increase the number of premature deaths due to air pollution in Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai in the coming days.

Today, the increase in the number of air pollution in metropolitan cities is mainly due to pollution caused by vehicles. The number of hazardous gas emitted from vehicles has increased. Therefore, the ratio of heart disease, paralysis has increased. Malnutrition causes adverse effects on all the organs of the body.

Effect On The Mind

The person’s immunodeficiency decreases and the person’s body becomes easily infected with all diseases. Due to various pollution, the body and mind of the person have a great effect. If this result does not appear obvious, it is slowly taking many years and its risks are too late to notice. Water pollution results directly, and the result of air pollution gradually becomes.

Tough Action

In addition to controlling the number of vehicles, it is also necessary to control hazardous waste from vehicles. It is necessary to ensure that there is no problem with regular checking of the train. Law on air pollution is tough in Europe, America. These upgraded things exist only when they take cars.

Option For CNG

The car taken once in India is still on the road even after the validity of that car is over. Regarding this, the Department of Traffic across the country is not able to implement the same rules by making rules for those metros. Due to being more massive than petrol, pollution is high. At that time CNG option is available to reduce pollution today.


To save money, today’s taxi and rickshaw drivers in Mumbai can use CNG tank. Also, many of the BEST buses run on CNG. But most other people in this area are still using petrol and diesel engines.

The CNG filling pumps are also present. Therefore, it is necessary to use more CNG to reduce air pollution caused by vehicles. The Delhi government had made CNG compulsory for public transport buses and rickshaws.


However, no one has punished this force. It is for the country’s sake to make such a force now. Some good things should be forced if people want to save lives. But before that, public awareness is necessary for CNG. People were forced to say that they got up and started to walk. What is the idea behind that, without thinking of it, come to Almighty.

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