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I am a very ambitious and hardworking student from my school life only. I love to talk with the people, love to interact with them. I am very talkative from my childhood. So after completing my 10th, I decided to join hotel management.

So I was searching for a good institute one of my friends told me about the college in Vasai which is only for the hotel management and tourism. I went to that college and did inquire about the courses, and after some days I took admission for the diploma in hospitality operations. I join that college my classes were started.

The Study 

I had 4-5 subjects which were

Food and beverage which was about how to work in the restaurant there was a deep introduction to the restaurant and drinks: alcohol, non-alcohol both.

Food production: In this subject, there was information about how to make food and many more dishes, and there was a deep introduction to the kitchen department.

 Accommodation: In this, there is two topic which is Housekeeping and Front office, both departments are connected and also work together. Communication skills: This is the main topic we needed to learn because we have to gain confidence while working while talking.  

I completed my 1st year at the diploma. In the starting of the 2nd year, there was a training for all students in which we have to work in the hotel for three months in all department. I was selected in The orchid ecotel hotel which is in the vile parle. After completing that training, I was very confident and very focused on my aim because I got to learn a lot of things in that training.

My Aim 

I aimed to become a front office manager. And I was pretty sure that to achieve this I have to work harder, and I have to be focused on my aim. A front office manager is a person who handles a lot of things that happen in the hotel.

He/she is the person who talks to the guest to make them more comfortable. He/she solves all the issues which the staff is going through. And for that I have to study regularly, I have to improve my English, communication skills. I also needed to work on my personality because I was very thin.


Then I completed my diploma. As soon I completed I got a job in the well-known hotel of the Mumbai which is The Oberoi Mumbai. I worked there. While working with that company, I was very confident and focused on my aim.

I got to learn a lot of thing from that company. I completed my agreement with them, so I left that job. And I took admission for a degree in that same college. Now I am in the 1st year of my degree it’s about to end the year final exams are ahead.

I aim to be a front office manager. I want to make myself and my parents proud of me. And after becoming that I will not stop my carrier. I will go ahead in search of a greater post than this.  

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