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What Is The Aim

An aim is essential in a person s life. Every person has some or other intention in their life. In simple words, the aim is a target which everyone focuses on achieving in their life.

The Aim Is Everything

Life without an aim is meaningless. But to choose aim for life is not such an easy task as there is a huge competition among the people.

Different people have a different goal for their life, depending upon the interest or the family background. Many people want to become a doctor, engineer, teacher, police, etc. Everyone wants to earn huge amount of money; only a few people are there who want to work as a social worker.

My Aim

I don’t have a very high ambition; I believe in simple living. I want to do something great for society; I wish that my name should be taken even if I passed away. For this, the profession of teaching attracts me a lot.

Teaching is a profession, where the teacher is given the place of a god. However, it is not so easy to become a teacher. There is a great responsibility of the student who comes to us for acquiring knowledge.

The teacher not only have to circulate the knowledge of books but they also have to teach different skills to their students.

To become a good teacher, it is my childhood dream. I think this is the best option to serve my society as well as for the nation. I belong to a lower middle-class family. My family and I have tolerated many ups and downs in life.

Education Is Not So Easy

Acquiring education was not so easy for me. Since then, I decided to give education free of cost whoever can’t afford it. I have an aim; no person whether poor or rich should be without education. Education is key to the development of the nation. No private or the government sector offers the job to the illiterate people.


When I become a teacher, I will donate some amount of my income for the education of poor people. I wish, the difficulties which I faced in my life for earning an education, others should not go through.

If we go to the remote area, we will find many people who are still unable to read and write. It is very shameful for the Indian society that even after the 72 years of independence the condition is so.


I know whatever I am aiming, for that, I have to face lots of problems, but I am entirely ready to accept all those challenges The earning doesn’t matter for me, to make everyone self-dependent is my primary motive. I have planned everything in my mind.

Along with the knowledge, I will sow the seed of good moral value in my students. I will help them to build up their character. The great educationist and the former president Dr, Radhakrishnan has said that the teachers are the custodians of the values and I indeed agree with the saying.

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