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Being ambitious of a human being is a natural virtue. Every person wants to get something special in life. Some grow up wanting to be a doctor or an engineer; then some want to get their name in the business.

Good Path

Similarly, if some people want to do social service, then they try to get God towards some path of devotion. The wishes of all individuals are different, but very few of them can see their desire in reality. Some lucky ones can give their preference to an embodiment. Such individuals generally have durable will power, and they always move forward towards a specific goal.

My Aim

The goal of my life is to become a doctor by growing up and benefitting from all those people who can not get proper medical attention due to lack of money. I understand this very well that being a good doctor is not easy.

There are many obstacles, such as the selection of excellent schools, admission in it and expenditure on studies. But I have full faith that I can overcome these obstacles. For this, I have taken a lot of hard work. For proper guidance, I am seeking the help of my teachers and experienced students.

After becoming a doctor, I want to go to those villages where there is a lack of competent physician or where there is no medical center system. I want to treat all the people free of charge who can not afford their treatment due to lack of money. Also, I want to raise awareness about good health in them.

To understand the importance of how to live, cleanliness, health, and balanced food, I want to make my contribution widely. Nowadays, the treatment of some traditional diseases is possible, but it is possible to lack the proper information, only after the virus becomes intense, the problem of being cared for is the significant problems of the uneducated and the villagers.

I want to take some meaningful steps in this direction. My aim lies in the service and service of the country and society. I will get self-satisfaction by giving medical and useful health information to all the people, especially the poor.

When through newspapers and Doordarshan or other means, I get the information that if thousands of people are killed every year in the villages of the country due to malnutrition and due to lack of proper medical care then I would be despondent is.

This is indeed unfortunate for the country. It would be a privilege for me to contribute to my country and countrymen. On the other hand, many diseases like AIDS are such that it is urgent to make society aware.


I believe that the goal of this life will be to get the support of all the teachers, classmates and parents. I have full faith in God to help me in this noble cause and my goal in achieving my goal. I will not leave any stone unturned in my purpose.

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