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Adventurous sports are the sports that are defined as high-risk disciplines performed in the open air, that is, in full nature. There the practitioners only wish to submit themselves to situations of extreme danger. With it, they seek a physical and mental release, which gives them a deep sense of pleasure.

Sports Of Extreme Condition

Extreme sports are all those sports or leisure activities with a sports component that involves a real or apparent danger due to the difficult or extreme conditions in which they are practiced.

Involvement Of Physical And Mental Strength

Under this concept are grouped many existing sports that involve a certain dose of physical and very dangerous, above all, mental. For example, the most demanding sports are included in hiking (ice climbing, rock climbing, etc.), and other recently created ones (bungee, snowboard, etc.).

It can be considered that a person practices an “extreme sport” when he does it for the first time. For example, the descent of a river is quite extreme for those who have never before climbed a raft and will feel it as far above their personal abilities.

Solving A Big Problem

The fact of leaving alive that experience will make them think that they are good athletes, while their guide is relegated to a final level, even though it is he who has solved the vast majority of the problems of the descent.

In These Sports In Which At All Times The Participant Is Full Of Adrenaline, In 100%, But The Question Arises

Who would be the fool to jump 10,000 feet up or turn 900 degrees just with a skateboard and land on it?

– Will it be the product of adolescence or commercials of energy drinks or are they simply people who are mentally unbalanced and do not appreciate their life?

– Someone also recommends that this was just a fad to join a social group.

Scientific Attitude

Recent scientific studies indicate that these individuals are genetically predisposed and even have genes different from those of “normal” people.

Message In The Brain

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter (mensagery) in the brain. A person with little dopamine has a more serious personality, is slower to move and in extremes can be a candidate for Parkinson’s disease.

On the other hand, people who have too much dopamine get bored easily and often look for new adventures.

The Need For Activity

Therefore people with very long D4DR gene tend to process dopamine very slowly which makes these “adventurers” need more activities to get the kind of emotion that people with the short D4Dr gene get with reading a book.


People who enjoy extreme sports are NOT CRAZY; we have more developed the D4DR gene, so do not blame adolescence, fashion or even marketing, it is merely an inheritance that the grandfather of the grandfather of the grandfather has left and we will transmit it to our descendants.

Enjoy your life to the fullest because even though we live 100 years life will seem very short.

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