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A social network is a social structure made up of a set of actors such as individual organization and a complex set of the dynamic ties between these actors. Social media is any form of online publication or presence that allow end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content on the website.


Worldwide Connectivity

Although Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are probably the most well-known social networking communities, new websites are popping up regularly that let people connect and interact with the web. No matter if you are searching for a former college roommate, your first-grade teacher, or an international friend, no easier or faster way to make a connection exists than social media.

Education Field

This data describes the fact that social networks can be used to improve the education of adults and students since they already have a certain influence on the learners. In the survey conducted by pew internet project’s research, it showed that 67% of online adult use social networks.

Business Field

This is one of the factors that the organization are interested in social media since they can get different kinds of suggestions and feedbacks from people. So, it is similar to a non- stopping communication with a broad audience through a variety of platform or sites. Social networking takes place online where people meet and share ideas, recommendation, and experiences.

Disadvantages Of Social Networks 


This includes online sexual exploitation and cyberbullying. One of the main problem to eradicate cybercrime is that it is hard to identify the offender and it is almost impossible to keep a full-time look at such a wide network.

Highlight the benefits of the social network; it does not necessarily mean that there are no drawbacks to them. An online crime which is also known as cybercrime proposes an increasing threat to all internet users.

Cyberbullying And Crimes Against Children

Unless parents diligently filter the Web content their family views, children could be exposed to pornography or other inappropriate content.

Use of social network may expose individuals to other forms of harassment or even inappropriate contact. This can be especially true for teens and younger children.

Online Sexual Exploitation 

There are over 665000 registered convicted sex offenders in the United States of America, according to a study commissioned by the national center for missing and exploited children.

That is 13% of children who use the internet. One of the most aggressive forms of cybercrime is the online sexual exploitation. This includes sharing pornography, persuading for sex and sex chat. And that there are one in every seven kids has been approached by a sexual predator online. 

Time Waster 

The global web index poll shows that 28 percent of the time spent online is on social networks. With these type of number, some of the time spent on social media occurs at work.

Business Insider report that social media is the most popular use of the internet surpassing email and smartphones and other mobile devices seem to be the driving force behind this trend since 60 percent of the traffic forms a mobile source.


Social networking is a tool that can be both help and harm. Whether it is used for business, school, research, or for relationship building, social networks offer many new and exciting opportunities.

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