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In today’s world technology takes many forms. In daily life, you use technology for any work you want technology. The introduction to the technology course explores the fundamentals of technology while broadening awareness about the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives.

Without technology people even can’t imagine living in the current time. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. In our various surrounding technology are helping to live their life with more luxury.


The development of simple tools from wood or shards of rock and the discovery of fire, which provided a way to cook food and create heat and light, were technological developments which allowed people to do tasks more easily and quickly.

What is technology?

It might sound like something from a sci-fi show or something that has run on electricity. Technology makes us think of the very complex, but energy doesn’t have to be complex.

What is technological change?

Technology change many things it increases the efficiency of a product or process that results in an increase in output, without an increase in input.

By this, it gets any reward for the same amount of work. It is the example of a product that has undergone a technological change.

It makes many different changes over the year that have made it efficient. Processes or product, such as telephone, move through technological change in the following stages;


the application of the invention for the first time.


the creation of a new product or process.

Types Of technology

Technology can be so simple or so complex; there are many types of technology like mechanical technology, which includes wheels,  levers, gears, engines, and belts.

The wheel is probably one of the most important technological advances in human history, and yet it’s super simple. Things that turn or allow motion in one direction to cause a different kind of motion are mechanical.


Ease Of Access To Information

The social village is made by the World Wide Web. This is because information from all around d the globe is widely available on the internet.

You can see news on social media is purely factual, one may also see image results for particular news. And not only new you can, but also you can see information straightforward to access — these all things we can do only because of technology. 

Cost Efficiency 

The main goal of the technology includes making things cheaper and more affordable for people. Therefore, people see cost efficiency these days due to technology.

More often competition takes place between two or more industries which result in even lesser prices. The great benefit is available for so less price that we cannot imagine.

Saves Time

Technology saves the time of the people. We all faced the problem and such issues when we move to a new place or business trip or modern vacation technology allow us to enjoy our outings by helping us navigate to anywhere.

If we go to any destination, we can search for a particular place. The application itself does the rest. Nowadays it even shows us the traffic situation on our route.


People are so much used to technology that one cannot even imagine living without a smartphone or their laptop. The 21st century is just 18 years old, and we have seen a revolution blast of technology. People are so much used to technology.

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