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Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television For Students – Read Here

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Television means seeing things that are far away, and this is precisely what our television sets enable us to do as they broadcast programmes from across the globe.

Television is one of the most important inventions of science. Scientifically, it is only a higher form of the radio. In addition to its old function of passing on sounds, it transmits and receives visual images using electromagnetic radiation.

World television comes from two words that work together. The “tell” part comes from the Greek for ‘far away.’ The ‘vision’ part, however, has a Latin root: it comes from the Latin for ‘sight.’

This last etymological derivation is one that most people can guess for themselves as ‘vision’ is still a word that we use to refer to sight.

Advantages Of Television

The television shows, video-songs, music, live matches, etc. are sources of our entertainment we can learn to make our favorite dishes by watching cooking episodes.

We can watch news channels to know the present affairs around the world. Nowadays, there is also a large number of regional news channels. Our children can learn moral lessons in a fun way by watching special episodes meant for children.

The teleshopping channels offer many bargain deals. We become aware of the present socio-economic condition of our country and our world.

We can follow the latest trend by watching fashion and modeling shows. The spiritual shows build our character. We can keep ourselves updated about the stock market.

Entertainment, will you agree with me if I say television is the best, cheap, and easy entertaining tool. Passing free time, this is very important for all people, especially for aged people. It is a little hard to spend time with our moms and dads after they retire from their job. Even in this situation, television is the best choice for them.

Disadvantages Of Television

Often compromise our sleeping hours to watch our favorite TV serial. Our favorite actors are often shown consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Young people often get negatively inspired to intake these harmful substances. Too much of watching TV may distract us from our true motive in life.

When we watch too much TV shows, our eyes get tired. Television creates too much sound. Our mind gets cluttered with those sound. Many television shows are considered indecent for kids and children.

Watching TV for a long period may result in wastage of our time. Many advertisements appear on television. Sometimes, if we cannot afford an advertised item, it may leave a sense of unfulfillment in our heart. Very often, we are lured to buy unnecessary things from teleshopping channels.

Not good for eyes watching television program for long hours will affect our eyesight. Some people especially kids sitting very close to the TV and watch programs. Spoil the time as I mentioned earlier, television is the best source for your free time. But if you addicted to television, it will easily spoil your valuable time.


Television has advantages and disadvantages. By television, you gain knowledge but also overviewing causes wastage of valuable time.

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