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Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking For Students – Read Here

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Social networking has become part of our daily life. People can live without the food but not without social media and this has become the trend which is been followed by all the people in the country.

As we all know that there is some of the benefit and also the damage in this using of social media. Sometimes it is very much harmful and it can also not be safe for the people who are using it.

As we all know that we should also match with the foreign technology to the economy of our country will rise as much as we are indulged in it, hence will see the advantage and the disadvantage of the social networking in the society.

Some Of The Advantages Of The Social Networking Are As Follows:

Worldwide Connectivity

We are not knowing the people who are beside our house but we met them in the social media, as this network join very much large area and this helps us to be connected with the long distance people and then after we can know the current affairs of the country and also Bollywood news. Sitting at home we can know what is been happening in the world.

Some of the social media paths are facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and there are many of the social media sites which connect the people to the worldwide.

Real-Time Information Sharing

There are many of the social media which come in the use during the emergency sharing of the information via chats and video conference voice mail and much other media is been used for the same.

And we can say that this media is very much important for the teachers to get more information for their subject and this will make them give more examples for the students by using the projector this will make the student get more knowledge and there is no need for the students to visit the library.

Some Of The Disadvantages Of Social Networking Are As Follows:


Sometimes there is the process of the blackmail by the unknown people and many more, the jokes within the family and he friends are very common but the jokes were done in social media, this would be problematic throughout the person future. So this is the effect of social media.

Time Waster

As how much it gives us to benefit the same way there is the loss of the people in the same.

Because social networking is very much beneficial for the information purpose but if the people use it for chats with the people then this will cause as the time waster while doing work also some of the people uses the social media. This will also cause a loss for the person and for the company also.


There is the main problem of the risk while using the social media because sometimes there are hackers who hack the account and then after they start blackmailing the people, so our account should be made private rather than showing to all the people.

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