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Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping For Students – Read Here

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Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the internet. It is a form of electronic commerce.

When a business buys from another business, it is called the business to online business shopping, or it can be C2C or B2C.

Aim And Objectives 

The primary aim of online shopping is to demonstrate that with better interactive features in clothing websites could improve sales for online retailers.

The main objectives of the projects are to investigate a potential problem with online apparel shopping, to learn about online apparel shopping, to create a prototype website focusing on one of the many problems that arise within online apparel shopping, to evaluate the prototype with an existing online clothing retailer.

Types Of Online Shopping 

There are many sub-types of online shopping the highest level personas. The most important the customers are looking for the best price, looking for the best product, looking for the latest/newest, looking for an experience, looking to buy now, etc.

Types Are As Follow

Amazon India

This is the most popular online shopping sites in India. Amazon India brings to this country a truly international online shopping experience. Reputed for superior products, delivery, and returns policies. You all products from Amazon with great discounts.


This is the website of online shopping is India’s own. It is the fast becoming popular outside the country too to excellent product range and highly competitive rates. Flipkart has unbeatable reach in semi-urban India.


Paytm app is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms. Paytm now ranks as a top online store. For those averse to using credit/debit cards and net banking, paytm offers the best solution and the buyers can pay through the paytm app.

 E Bay India

eBay has some two million registered users. For customers looking for unique stuff, eBay India offers a great solution. It serves as a channel for retailers in various parts of India to connect with buyer across the country.


Plenty Of Choices

In online you can buy products which you couldn’t have bought from a brick-and-mortar shop it is a portal that gives the customer plenty of choices. You get to choose from a lot of brands, and you get an idea of what is currently in trend.


In online shopping, you get a discount. Some call the time happy hours; others call the deals lightning deals. But ultimately, it will benefit the customer. Major online retailers also provide some promo codes, also called coupons that you can apply while checking out to get intent discount or cashback, etc.

Time And Money Saving

It saves a lot of your time. You no need to go market to buy something. The product will be at your doorstep within a few days. Thus it lets you choose your favorite item while being seated at home only.

Return Facility

It started the facilities of returning suppose you didn’t like the product, or it was damaged. You can simply place a return request. Once the product return process is completed, you will get a complete refund for that particular product.


Unable To Assess The Quality

Suppose you are buying a clothing item unless you touch it, you won’t know what the quality is. After you get the product, you may get disappointed by the quality of the fabric you get.

Encourages You To Buy More 

Online shopping is beneficial only when you are buying big to avail free shipping. Or else, you may end up paying a price that exceeds the product’s maximum retail price.

Dealing With Problems 

You don’t have the facility of “direct talk’ means if you have any problem with the order, you do not have the facility of customer support when you can get your query resolved.


Technology has made significant progress over the years to provide consumers with a better online shopping experience and will continue to do so for years to come.

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