Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones For Students And Children In Simple English


A mobile phone or the cell phone is a wireless thing which is used to communicate with the people over a long distance and within a second of time. The process of this connection is the wireless process which is done by the phone network stations and these cells are being connected to each other and the call is connected with mobile phone we can do anything as is useful to communicate sending messages recorded many videos voices and also many things taking pictures and many things we can do with a mobile phone.

And in this 21st century a mobile phone is very much useful for all the people as there are many smartphones that have been made by the people, and they have become very popular amongst the people as we can see that on the people have different types of Smartphones with them and many new features that are added in it so it would be helpful for the people in the future.

Advantages Of Mobile Phones

In this 21st century almost every people have smartphones with them as they are very much useful for every people are there are many different types of mobile phones that are being made and they are very useful and mobile phones can be said as an advantage for the people as they are very convenient to use as in the past we can see that to talk with a person they have to write a letter and then it reaches to about 3 to 4 days but in this present time a mobile phone can connect with the other person within a second as it can also be a lifesaver and because of this mobile phone every people stay connected with each other. The mobile phone is also be used for the entertainment purpose as well, and it also helps you to be informed all the time, and there are many cameras qualities that are being made with the help people to click some nice photos.

Much new technology that is being introduced in a small smartphone like GPS technology by these you know where you are and you can travel about any place without any knowledge because of the GPS and as we use a light the watch calendar and many things but a mobile phone have all these things in a one device, and so it has become a great advantage for the people.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones

As a mobile phone is very useful things for every people and very advantage thing for the people but this mobile phone also has many disadvantages as it is a thing which is distracting the people as it has become very hard to work when there is a mobile phone within you as it is so addicted that you cannot live without a mobile phone. As there are many new technologies that are being made in this mobile phones it has also been increasing its cost as the price of the mobile phone is increasing very high as the new mobile phone is introduced in the market the higher the price it goes.


There are many apps websites, and many things that are being made on our mobile phone and people usually love to visit this thing but there are also many security issues in it as people have to share their passwords and many things and as well as their identity so because of this there are many security issues that happen in mobile phone, and it is a very big disadvantage and because of a mobile phone people lost their eyesight. Using a mobile phone is a very great advantage, but it should be used properly if it is being used carelessly it can create a big disadvantage for the people.

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