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A computer is wonderful and masterminds science to human beings. The first computer was a mechanical computer. The first computer created by Charles’s Babbage.


\the Big dictionary is a computer we use to save any type of a large number of dates like information study materials, projects, photos, images, video, audio, songs, clips, games, and many more in the computer.

The computer is a very useful machine. Computer in many other facilities provides. Business enters maintaining the accounts used in a computer. Computer is an important role to keep records of the bank of financial transactions. Reservation and cancellation the tickets of the computer the railways and airports.

The computer is used in banks, hotels, shops, educational institution, hospital, various industries, etc.  The computer is the new generation god that we have to worship. Thus, a very useful device is a computer.

Advantages of computer 

  • Medical Department

The computer is not only a combination of CPU. Monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The hospital in a machine in medical and health department, and x-ray, pathology machine, electrocardiograph machine, transport monitors, blood gas machine and transport ventilators, etc. thee all and thousands of other machines are computerized.

  • Government department

The biggest system in the world is the advantages of a computer. Every country of government uses the computerized system. In every department to keep the records of people for a long time.

  • Education


Education of every country uses the computerized system. In every educational department to keep the student’s records for a long time. The student solves their question, create a design, innovation, create software, and thousands are advantages of a computer in education and technology.

  • Jobs opportunities

A compare to buy the newspaper from the market and search job you can easily point out the job according to our educational experience.

  • Games

You are free, no work and nothing to you are getting bored. Let’s on your computer [PC], and enjoy the funny video and games.

Disadvantages of computer 

  • environmental Pollution

Heavy automatic machines laptops, tablets. Many other machines and equipment that work on command are called a computer. Environments pollution like air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, are causes machines and computer manufacturing.

  • Reduce Job Opportunities

At the one hand computer produce job opportunities, but another hand it also reduces the job opportunities, because of a lot of machines today’s works automatically, work done before by five or ten peoples now that work machine do alone with one command.

  • Short Circuit

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In case, of any problem in power cable, less or more power of electricity or heavy load on a computer may cause of short circuit or blast. And lose your data and files or a whole system.

  • Viruses

A virus is the enemy of a computer once it enters into the system, the quantity of virus increase automatically daily and at the end, you will lose you all important information and data.

     Automatic operation

This is the last point of “advantages and disadvantages of computer technology in our life” this is the most serious and dangerous points because some automatic operations and functions of computerized software and commands sometimes stop work due to some reasons may cause of death.


A computer is essential in today is time. We cannot imagine life without a computer.

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