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Essay On Advantage And Disadvantage Of Mobile Phone For Students – Read Here

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At present, with the constant modernization of cities, young people are also looking to modernize, in this is the manipulation of new electronic equipment.

Mobile Phone Sign Of Coolness

The social communication in these times consists of using tools that allow the ease of acquiring information. And with it, a new communication, the use of current technology shows the youth the need to belong to this era, and with this I mean the manipulation of cell phones, now the one with the best cell phone means being cool.

Cellphone For Easy Communication

It is understood that now children have cell phones to communicate. Now the information can be at your fingertips or that is also said to include the facility to communicate with your colleagues.

Revolution Of The World

The mobile revolution in the world If you look at it, you will get the mobile number fixed. Nowhere else can you contact your men for mobile, at the time of the emergency, mobile for important work. Now people from all over the world have to use. It has also been misused. It should stop. It should be used in a good way. In a public place, driving mobile should be used properly.

Some Of The Disadvantages

When driving, do not talk over mobile. Find out who the pornographic people are, and give them punishment. To seize their mobile phones. Excessive use of mobile can also affect your heart. Therefore, it is possible for mobile users to use it only after considering their suitability. It should not be abused. It should not be a curse.

Some Boon Facts

The phone is in the house but it can be kept in a mobile pocket. So, wherever you are on travel, your people can be informed. It is also possible to know the good news (the title, posture achievement) as well as the crisis. That is a mobile boon.

Mobile Should Be Used At The Right Time

But it’s excessive (talking loudly, making bad SMS, talking to vehicles, calling invitations to the crisis should stop it all.) It becomes a curse. Therefore, mobile should be used at the right time. Wonderful that you should not spend the precious time of your everyday life in an inappropriate setting.

Mobile At The Remote Areas

Now many people have mobile in many villages. Some perverted people also abuse mobile phones. (Looking for unwanted, sending unsuitable SMS, harassing) He should have avoided it. Do not use mobile phones while driving a bike, so there will be no accidents.


The deformed man will do the deformity. Bad things do not end but it depends on everyone’s mind. At present, mobile phones have become a boon for everyone.

Mobile should not be consistent with the body. Keep it in the pocket without a pocket. So the brain and heart will not suffer from acne. Due to excessive use, it is possible to have cancer, brain tumors.

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