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Essay On Advantage And Disadvantage Of Mobil Phone For Students – Read Here

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What Is A Mobile Phone:

A portable device which connects to a cellular radio system is called a mobile phone. It also has a different name such as a cell phone, smartphone or mobile.


There are two types of the mobile device one is the simple one while the other one is called a smartphone. The simple one does not have very much helpful function, it can be used for seeing the time, calendar, messaging and for calling purpose.

If we talk about another one is a smartphone, the name itself tells that it is the smart version, it has many functions which had human life easy and comfortable. It also has internet access in it.

Below we will learn about the advantage and disadvantage of Mobile phones.

Data Transfer

Now it is very easy to share the documents which we had with the other person, not only document but the video, photos or any important message can be shared not only with the individual but with the whole group by just one click.

Many Useful Apps

We find hundreds of application in the smartphone, which had taken a human life to a comfort zone. There is an application such as a calendar, watch, camera, calculator, compass, and many things.

Now no worries to carry the other accessories watch, calendar along with us, just we need to take one smartphone.

Reminder Notes

We also get the help of reminder notes and alarm clock, now no more extra alarm clock has to keep beside our bed. If one has the problem of forgetting the work, or the birthdates or anniversaries, they can easily set the reminders on the phone which will help them a lot.


A good and branded quality of phone enhances the fashion sense of an individual. When one is having a good and stylish smartphone, they will never hesitate to participate in any function.


Along with many useful things, the smartphone also provides entertainment to every age group. The children can watch cartoons and adults can see the movie, serial and play games according to their choices.


Global Positioning System is an app which shows the information about the location exactly where we are, it also helps while driving the vehicle if we are at an unknown place.

The Disadvantage Of The Mobile Phone

Waste Of Time

Nowadays people get stuck to their phones, a human being has developed the habit of wasting their valuable time on the smartphone by chatting with friends or watching videos. Because of the smartphone

Because of the continuous use of phones, the eyes, hand, ears get affected badly. Sometimes the mind of a person become numbed due to the continuous use.

Distance From Family

The mobile phone brings the outer world close but the close relation gets the distance. People nowadays are so busy using their smartphone that they have no time for family and children.

Loss Of Studies

Students nowadays, leaving their studies are engaged in playing games and watching the video on a mobile phone.


As every coin has two sides, same the mobile also has merit and demerit, it depends on a human being that how they use the device, whether they want to prove it a blessing or a curse.

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