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Social media that has brought about a dialogue-revolution and has filled the lives of most people around the world today. The use and usage of these new mediums are increasing in a country like India. However, the person is becoming constricted, the time has come to think about whether the virtual picture about life is being misunderstood whether depression is on the rise, or whether the hatred is on the rise.

An Integral Part Of Life

Social media has become an integral part of life. The use of Facebook, Whatsapp, is becoming part of the essential habit; However, some studies have found that while dealing with the virtual world of social media, their thoughts have become narrow-minded. Because most of the time, users are searching for social media, news related to your thoughts and thoughts.

Social media gives us an opportunity to balance between people, groups and your issues and participate in the discussion; But in the same way, tarnishing social harmony, motivating them to behave badly for acts of violence,



A recent survey was conducted in this regard. According to one person out of five people are frustrated due to the use of social media. This fact has come up to the people of less than 30 years of age. Social media has become an important element in the lives of people of this age group. Apart from smartphones, they have been unable to communicate. However, constantly updating Instagram and Facebook, and updating everything in life, young people are involved in social media habits. The danger of being subjected to it is considered to be a bell.

Due to the regular use of social media, the level of anxiety, loneliness, and lack of confidence are increasing day by day. There is also a problem of sleep loss. From social media, you are painting a picture of your life in online group shortcomings.

Anger And Mood

Through these mediums, the user openly expresses his personal experience to strangers. However, in the recent past, the use of media such as Twitter is used to remove each other. Currently, many women are being targeted by the tweets.

These habits make teenage children lose their own decision-making or become victims of Decision Paralysis. Often there are numerous choices that confuse the brain about why it should be faced with the brain.


With the help of the Internet and telecommunication media, a positive direction can be given to the crowds of millions of people connected through virtual interaction and negative direction. Also, the children are able to complete their homework and projects on time with the help of internet.

Now, we don’t have to carry different calendar or something along with us. With the help of the internet and google features, we can ask or take help anytime.

Today, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, internet trolling, insults, pornography, child abuse are being exploited, and sometimes some information related to social media accounts or accounts is stolen. If there is a riot due to mass chaos, sometimes a sense of panic arises in a group.


As it is said every coin has two sides in the same way internet too has some r the other side effect, a human being should use it wisely.

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